Meeting Report - November 2011

by Matthew Judge

Meeting Notes from the Fans' Forum held on November 17.


Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:

17th November 2011


6pm - 7.30pm






  • The Forum raised issues around supporters attending home games with children who had become separated from the adult due to faulty season cards when entry was denied by a steward.



Ray Foy, head of stadium safety, said only one incident had been reported to him this season. The Forum cited an incident which had happened at gate 20 but this incident had not been reported by any stewards at the post-match debrief. The Forum said incidents are happening at every game and 75 cards were affected at the last home game. Ray informed the forum that any issues are to be reported to the nearest steward. Ray will reiterate to the stewards in the pre match briefing before the Wolverhampton Wanderers fixture on November 19th 2011.


  • The Forum asked for clarification on where supporters should be sent with ticket queries on match days.



Supporters should go to Bullens Road for pre-paid ticket collection; Park End for ticket sales; Goodison Road for faulty cards and tickets, plus forgotten season cards and upgrades; and Lottery windows on Goodison Road for disabled supporters and Supporters' Club collections.


  • Discussion in relation to discounted tickets to be revised during November.



The Club is reviewing internally again and an update on the five key priorities will be provided at the next meeting.


  • SMS and email databases to be merged as the Forum raised issues with receiving duplicate emails.



The Club has launched a new system over the last couple of weeks. It will take 3-4 weeks to analyse results but this should finally resolve all duplicate issues.











Mark Rowan explained to the new members that the mission of the Forum is to create an open and honest dialogue with fans, enabling them to feel a sense of ownership and participation and is designed to improve on various aspects of being an Evertonian.







There are two members who have been asked to carry on for an additional 12 months following a vote by members. The seven new members attended for the first time and will represent supporters.


ACTION - The Club agreed to circulate the minutes from the last few meetings to all new members.










Andy Barr, Traffic Control Manager from Liverpool City Council, and Sergeant Paul Marley, from Merseyside Police Force Operations, attended the meeting to explain who is responsible for different aspects and roles.


The Club is now responsible for the following roads around the stadium: Bullens Road, Goodison Road, and Gwladys Street. Everton employ a traffic management company and adopted the same model as previously used by the police.


Walton Lane, Spellow Lane and Priory Road, plus the escort of the visiting team coach, fall under the control of Merseyside Police.


The local authority is responsible for traffic wardens enforcing the residents' parking scheme and traffic cones.


The Forum reported the problems are further afield i.e. the Queens Drive junction with Walton Hall Avenue has a build-up of traffic as the lights are no longer manned by police on bikes.


Andy Bar reported that they are learning from customer experience and at the next meeting, they will report their findings from a traffic survey at the next home game, along with any update on purchasing land at Sandhills station to accommodate approximately 500 vehicles for a park and ride scheme.


Andy was asked to look into any changes regarding free parking on Utting Avenue.






The Forum raised concerns that the first people to buy tickets are not necessarily being given the best seats.


ACTION - The Club will contact all away clubs for clarification on a ticketing process, ensuring those supporters who purchase tickets first get the best seats available. This information will be reported back to the next meeting.


6. AOB


Redundancy Cover


Dave Biggar reported to the Forum that the Club has been asked, along with two other clubs, to pilot a scheme offering supporters the opportunity to purchase insurance cover to provide a full refund on any games remaining on their season card if a supporter was made redundant. Generally the Forum thought it was a good idea but concerns were raised regarding the finer details of the proposal. The Club confirmed the scheme will be assessed and findings will be reported back to the Forum at the next meeting.


Security Test, St James' Park


Ray Foy thanked all Everton supporters and the organising committee who cooperated and took part in the test. Steve Storey from Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) contacted Ray Foy to say he was very pleased with the outcome. The Forum commented that the general stewarding at NUFC has improved.


Meeting Premier League/Referees' Association


The Club has been talking to Premier League to discuss the possibility of the PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Board) visiting Everton to meet with the Forum and for the Forum to be given the opportunity to ask questions. This is a work in progress to be discussed at the next meeting 


Holiday Match Fixtures


A statement from the Club was read to the Forum regarding fixtures over the Christmas period. The Forum asked if the Club will be reimbursed for the change of the Bolton fixture from 3.00pm on a Bank Holiday to 8.00pm on a Wednesday evening. The Club has raised the Christmas fixture issue at the highest level within the Premier League.


The Forum asked for reassurance from the Club that future games will not be postponed due to adverse weather. The Club have reviewed the practicalities of this not happening in the future.


The Forum raised concerns regarding the screens in Lower Gwladys St and Family Enclosure. Mark Rowan will look at various areas of the stadium on Saturday, November 19th at the fixture against Wolverhampton Wanderers.


The Forum asked for clarification regarding bottles in the stadium.

Ray Foy confirmed bottles are allowed in the stadium but not in the stands. All stewards have now been briefed. Cups will be provided on all ground bars and announcements will be made regarding availability.


CCTV - there is an eight camera operation with two operators. The system is outdated and requires upgrading. The Club are looking into the possibility of investing in a new system. 


The forum raised the question of housing the away fans in the Top Balcony.

The Club confirmed this is part of a discussion on the list of five key priorities.


The Forum asked if the next mystery shopper would take place at the Wolves game. The Club confirmed this has changed to the Stoke game on 4th December.


Everton has so far sold 394 tickets to raise funds for Children in Need. For every ticket sold the Club will donate £5 to Children in Need. The Forum agreed this is positive PR for the Club and the message needs to be communicated. This was completed on Friday November 18th (Children in Need day).


The Forum would like to pass on their congratulations to all concerned on the announcement of Everton being the first Premier League Club to be given permission to run their own Free School.


The Forum asked if there is a possibility of selling the ad space at the end of the Top Balcony. The Club reported they have looked at several options including outside cladding, projector and LCD but there have been some infrastructure problems. Prices are being reviewed and a possible trial will take place at the night game on 1st February. This forms part of the overall matchday experience.


ACTION- The Club will share the drawings with the Forum at the next meeting.


The Forum suggested sending all junior Supporters' Club members and season ticket holders a card/badge on their Birthday to encourage more children to support the Club and make them feel like valued supporters from an early age.


The Club are looking into ways of engaging fans from adult to juniors and families as part of the overall ticket pricing policy for next season. The Club are discussing age bands for ticket prices with particular onus on the 16-21 age group. In addition to this, discussions over the re- introduction of a ‘Junior' membership scheme have taken place. 


Henry Mooney from Everton in the Community asked the Forum for their support, urging fans to visit the Everton in the Community unit at the Met Quarter which is due to open on 24 November.


Next meeting - 15th December 2011




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