Meeting Report - March 2014

by Daniel Alston



Fans' Forum

Thursday 27 March




The ‘85 Lounge



Fans Forum members: Tony Bott (TB), Kathy Keig (KK), Andrew Collier (AC), Dorothy Carlin (DC), Jason Howard (JH), Robert Eagleton (RJE), Ruth Eardley (RE), Mike Rice (MXR), Nick Mernock (NM), Paul Gabbutt (PG).

Club representatives: Mark Rowan (MR), Christine Prior (CP), Dave Biggar (DB), Richard Kenyon (RK), Ian Simpson (IS), Helen Burns (HB).



Fans Forum members: Martin Malone, Amy Wilson, Antonia Harrison

Club representatives: Robert Elstone


Helen Burns, head of Human Resources, is attending the meeting as an observer.

Richard Kenyon the Clubs new Director of Marketing and Communications is attending as an observer. Richard officially starts his new role from 1 April 2014.



Actions from previous meeting - TB


ACTION: PR plan of the Dixie Dean launch to be presented at the next meeting.

RESPONSE: Item on the agenda.


ACTION: MR to communicate the Club's position on connected stadium to the fanbase.

RESPONSE: Article was published in the Cardiff City match programme.


ACTION: Fans' Forum members to send themed matchday suggestions to CP.

RESPONSE: No suggestions received.


ACTION: Fans' Forum members to consider future fan projects they can participate in.

RESPONSE: No suggestions received so far.


ACTION: Fans' Forum members to send feedback to CP on the matchday screens post West Ham fixture.

RESPONSE: No feedback received.




Fans' Forum review - MR

MR updated the Forum members on the progress of the Fans' Forum review that is currently taking place.

MR presented the group with a benchmarking document relating to Fans' Forums that exist in football and other sports. The document will be used to provide information on best practice. MR also presented a draft survey for the wider fanbase to provide essential feedback on how the Forum operates.

MR talked the Forum through the survey and welcomed feedback from members.


ACTION: Forum members to provide feedback to CP by Friday 4 April.


MR confirmed that the survey is to be published on in April 2014.


Forum members discussed their concerns and reiterated they would like to be fully involved in the review process. MR stated the Club has consulted the Forum from the beginning of the process and will continue to update the group throughout the review.




Member Vacancy - TB


The Forum feel due to the Fans' Forum review currently taking place, recruitment of a new member should be put on hold.




Sodexo - IS


Ian Simpson from Sodexo attended the meeting to obtain feedback from the Forum members on Corporate Hospitality and matchday catering in the stadium.


Forum members congratulated Sodexo on the Corporate Hospitality experience on a matchday. PG who attends the People's Club lounge gave positive reviews on food and customer service received by staff.


Members of the Forum questioned the variety of products available on a matchday and IS explained the limited facilities at Goodison Park for storage space. IS informed members that due to the age of the stadium, there are some power and water issues this means there are limitations as to what can be provided. The catering teams are constantly reviewing the products they supply but ultimately this depends on sales of the product.


DB added that it was non-negotiable to stock other beers due to the Club partnership with Chang.


RE enquired if the Club would consider opening a function room as a café on a non-matchday. IS stated due to the rooms being hired out for private functions this may not always be possible.


IS informed the Forum that the Season Ticket holder entitlement of free function room hire does not have great uptake. Members of the Forum stated that they were not aware of this Season Ticket holder benefit and the Club should consider promoting it further.


Several members of the Forum have attended non-matchday events and provided positive feedback on the quality of the food and high standard of service received.




Season Ticket Holder benefits - RE


Forum members queried if discount vouchers received in Season Ticket packs can be processed via e-ticketing for the 2014/15 season.


ACTION: DB to investigate




Direct Debit Scheme - KK


KK asked if it was possible for the direct debit payment scheme to be paid over less months so there is more flexibility on payments. DB stated the Club will consider further options for the 2015/16 season.


DB informed members that there has been a positive uptake of the 10-month direct debit scheme and the Club will investigate a 12-month payment option for the 2015/16 season.




Kitbag - DB


DB presented images of products for the 2014/15 season. Due to limited supplies of current stock, products with the 2014/15 crest on will be introduced earlier than planned.


Forum members stated they felt there was an improvement on the range of merchandise that is going to be available in store next season and particularly complimented the ‘retro' range of products.




Dixie Wall of Fame PR Plan - MR


MR distributed the PR plan for the unveiling of the Dixie Wall of Fame.


ACTION: Forum members to send any amends to CP by Friday 4 April.




Umbro - JH


JH asked if the Club would consider making a statement releasing the financial details of Umbro deal, as other Clubs recently have.


DB reiterated that the Club has an improved deal compared to the 2012/13 deal with Nike and is more beneficial for the club. Commercially sensitive information will not be released.




Fan Zone Advertising - RJE


RJE had been asked by a supporter to raise concerns of e-cigarettes being advertised on the Fan Zone screens pre-match as this is a family friendly area.


MR explained that this may be due to feeds for advertising being controlled by an outside company and will investigate further.



Pyrotechnics - KK


KK praised the Club for continuing to highlight the issue of pyrotechnics in the matchday programme.





1.1  Cash Point

ACTION: DB to investigate the possibilities of having a cash point at Goodison Park.


1.2  Fan of the Year

ACTION: Forum to suggest mechanics for selecting Fan of the Year 2014.


1.3  Pre-Season Tour

Members asked if the Club are closer to announcing pre-season fixtures. DB confirmed the Club are still considering a small number of options and will release all information as soon as possible.