Meeting Report - March 2013

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:



6 - 8pm


Tony Bott, James Lyon, Phil O'Rourke, Amy Wilson, Ruth Eardley, Dorothy Carlin, Alan Rawlinson, Christine Prior, Paul Tyrrell, Dave Biggar, Carena Duffy.





1.Actions from February meeting


1.1  ACTION: Forum members to send Corporate Sales feedback to CP to collate before the next meeting.


RESPONSE: Ruth provided feedback to CP. Gary Wilton the Head of Corporate Sales welcomed further feedback from the Forum.


1.2  ACTION: Forum members to ask their associated fan groups for feedback on the location of the Dixie Dean statue and send ideas to CP.


RESPONSE: PT thanked Forum members for the feedback and invited two members to a meeting that will be held at Goodison regarding the location of the statue. CP will send details to the Forum.  








2. Wigan Ticket Prices  


DC asked why the Wigan FA Cup ticket prices remained at Premier League category D prices, because in previous rounds they had been discounted.


DB informed the Forum that the Club felt this was the correct commercial decision due to the fixture being an FA Cup quarter final, but still offered a Season Ticket holder discount for the game. The ticket revenue from the match was greater than in previous seasons despite the attendance being 3000 less. DB explained the dip in attendance compared to the previous season against Sunderland was due to the away ticket sales.






3.2013/14 Season Tickets Feedback  


DB informed the Forum of the current Season Ticket sales for the 2013/14 season. The first weeks of Season Ticket sales were down 18.2% compared to the previous season. Sales continued to rise after the victory against Manchester City, which showed on day 14 of selling, sales were only 124 down compared to the previous season.


The group discussed the Ultimate Everton package which the Club are hoping to offer to fans next season. DB confirmed they are currently working with partners on logistics of having several club products in one package.









4.EitC Update


CD updated the group on current EitC activity that is taking place until the end of the season.  This included information on the Ambassador Scheme to be launched as part of the charity's 25th anniversary celebrations and the annual Zip Slide event that is taking place at Goodison Park on Sunday 24 April.


JL asked for an update on the Supporters' Club cycle challenge that is taking place ahead of the Sunderland away fixture. CD informed the Forum that the group of cyclists have currently raised £11,706 through the individual events and donations on the justgiving page. There will be further fundraising activity around the challenge at the QPR fixture as the game is already Supporters' Club day.


Forum members discussed how they could get involved in the 25th anniversary campaign. Forum members that would like to sell scratch cards on behalf of the charity were advised to place orders through CP who can liaise with the relevant departments and arrange collection.


ACTION: Forum members to send any requests for scratch cards to CP.




5. End of Season event


TB asked if the Club are organising any events in the Summer for the fans. CP confirmed that they are currently working on a number of options for a Summer event including a proposed Fans Festival.


PT confirmed that the Club have no plans to repeat the event that took place at the end of last season for supporters who had travelled to every home and away fixture.



6. Premier League Fans Survey


PT shared the results of the Premier League Fans Survey with the Forum member which was completed by 1260 Evertonians. The results of the Survey showed Everton came first place for the best Stewards in the Premier League. The results also showed Everton in top four for the most welcoming Football Club, top four for the matchday programme and had third best Catering team and Website.



7. Kitbag Feedback


Alex Leith from Kitbag will attend the next meeting with samples of new merchandise and present the new product line to the Forum. There will also be an update on plans for the Christmas product range.


ACTION: CP to add Kitbag to the agenda for the April forum meeting. 



8. AOB


1.1 Pre-Season information

DB informed the Forum that the Club are closer to finalising details on the Pre-Season plans. This will be communicated to fans as soon as possible.