Meeting Report - March 2012

by Matthew Gamble

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:

Thursday 29th March 2012


Tony Bott

Fans' Forum Attendees:

Amy Wilson, Kathy Keig, Alan Rawlinson, Paul Gabbot, Tom Doherty, Ian McDougall, Phil O'Rouke, Dan Connolly, Brian Scorgie, Liz Forster, Sandra Hughes, James Lyon, Carena Duffy,  Robert Elstone, Dave Biggar, Mark Rowan, Paul Tyrrell





1.     Review of action points


Ø  Forum numbers have now returned to a workable level as per previous year.

Ø  Monthly programme sales around the perimeter of the pitch are not feasible due to pitch side activity.   

Ø  The Club would like feedback as to whether fans would welcome a spine programme.

Ø  A member of staff from Media and Communications was present to run through the online email facility. Forum members were advised to set up their own accounts, the Club will provide forum with step-by-step instructions. Club will set up generic fans' forum email address.

Ø  Mark Rowan confirmed the communication survey will be distributed electronically to the forum prior to it going out to the general fan base.

Ø  Dave Biggar confirmed final plans/ideas for end of season event/commemorative gift for all those fans who have attended all home/away games.

Ø  Dave Biggar confirmed pre-paid cards will not be feasible due to third party sales.

Ø  The Club confirmed Kitbag will be invited to the next meeting for further update.









2.     Season Ticket Campaign and Ease of Purchase


The Fans Forum noted that certain supporters had not received their season ticket renewal forms and had problems trying to renew via the Park End box office prior to games. Staff were not giving supporters an opportunity to renew at the windows without the renewal form. Also discussed was the lack of communication/advertising of the opportunity to transfer seats.

The Club will look at an easy process for fans to find out what blocks/seats are available and will publicise accordingly.

The Club are also introducing age and pricing restrictions to eliminate misuse of Season Tickets and Matchday Tickets.

Club is currently looking into introducing a ‘virtual venue' which will allow fans to experience the view from seats online.

Forum noted that the Auto Cup Scheme cannot be processed via phone/online.
















3.     Membership of Forum


The Club would like the forum to agree as a group and formalise how it will recruit new members moving forward.






Fans' Forum


4.     Mobile Phone Apps


Mark Rowan informed the Fans Forum that the Club is looking to make advancements in the services available for supporters.

The Club is open to suggestions regarding suitable levels of pricing for such services.






Fans' Forum

5.     Pay Per View Pre-Season


The Club is interested if fans would prefer PPV over subscription-based service.

Discussion took place regarding low subscriptions in 2011, perhaps due to kick-off time and location. The Club is considering whether to continue live coverage for pre-season 2012.




Fans' Forum

6.     Fan Views on Reporting Incidents


The Club informed the Fans Forum that stadium safety officer Dave Lewis will attend next meeting to discuss.





Dave Lewis

7.     Everton in the Community Family Fun Day


Carena Duffy informed members of the activities taking place in Stanley Park prior to Sunderland game, Carena Duffy will forward all information to members who can then promote to






8.     Close Season Ground Updates


Discussion took place regarding improvements during the summer of 2012. There will be a budget/grant to improve the perimeter of the stadium including pavements and road surfaces. Audio-visual/digital services will be upgraded, as well as lounge refurbishments and exterior branding and painting.


The forum discussed the poor toilet facilities in Gwladys Street and fans continuously utilising the toilets to smoke. The Forum enquired about ground/facility upgrades.

The Club would like feedback from fans on what they would like to see improved inside and outside the stadium along with ideas for the next meeting.




Fans' Forum to come up with ideas.

9.     Fans Forum Structure and Future Policy


Ø  The Club would like the forum to think about the composition of the Forum and how new members from all demographics will be elected going forward. Tony Bott/Brian Scorgie/Paul Gabbott/Dan Connolly will act as sub-committee to put together proposal for next meeting.

Ø  Tony Bott/Kathy Keig will select agenda items. If certain items are consistently raised these will be put forward for next meeting's agenda.

Ø  Non-attendance from members up to three times in a year without notification will see them removed from the forum. Members need to notify Tony Bott/Kathy Keig/Carena Duffy prior to meeting.





10.   Pricing/Category Differentials Between Stands


Discussion took place and Forum members noted certain games were poor in attendance - though certain fixtures were rescheduled and took place midweek. Pricing premium differentials will be reduced by a reduction of pricing categories/stands for season 2012/13





11.  Fan Centre Thanks


The Forum expressed their thanks and recognition to the Fan Centre for all their hard work and professionalism during a busy run of fixtures.

Members asked why the decision was made to not sell semi-final tickets via the Fan Centre, the Club confirmed the easiest way to sell the large quantity of tickets was via the online and phone systems, which had been tested and re-tested.

Questions were asked as to why the points system was originally introduced as this is not valid for the semi-final. The Club confirmed this was a valid point and will review how to measure loyalty. In the closed season the Club are to investigate and report back.











12.  Further Information and update on the Template for Away Fans


Club still waiting for information - Dave Biggar will provide for next meeting.




13.  Moyes 10 Year Anniversary


The Forum discussed the fact that they wanted to present the manager with a gift and are to present ideas for next meeting.

The Club confirmed an event for supporters will take place, however details have not yet been confirmed.

The Club would like feedback regarding Player of the Season.




Fans Forum




Fans Forum

14.  Senior Executive roles and responsibilities.


Question raised as to whether any additional clarity in senior staff roles and responsibilities could be published.

The Club will discuss and agree action/decision for the next meeting.




15.  Ticket Touting


Club will keep a close eye on ticket touting around the Park End.

Security and police will be informed to move on or arrest and report such incidents.





16.  AOB


Ø  Semi-final ideas - Fans to think about what banners/flyers/flags/mosaic they would like to see at Wembley. Forum were excited about mosaic idea however would need to be done in the correct way for it to look effective.

Ø  Query over half Season Ticket holders being eligible for semi-final tickets. Forum informed that they are.

Ø  Premier League mystery shopper - the results will be confirmed at the end of season.




Fans to discuss ideas with PT


Ø  Next Meeting - Potentially Thursday 26th April at 6pm.