Meeting Report - June 2014

by Matthew Gamble



Fans' Forum



Thursday 12 June 2014

The Brian Labone Lounge



Forum members; Tony Bott (TB), Kathy Keig (KK), Dorothy Carlin (DJC), Robert Eagleton (RJE), Ruth Eardley (REA), Mike Rice (MXR), Nick Mernock (NM), Martin Malone (MM), Andrew Collier (AC), Amy Wilson (AW), Antonia Harrison (AH)

Club representatives; Robert Elstone (RE) Richard Kenyon (RK) Mark Rowan (MR) Christine Prior (CP) Jim Fantozzi (JF)



Forum members; Paul Gabbutt and Jason Howard


The Forum requested that the May meeting was postponed until June,

 to coincide with the date of the Fans' Forum survey results.





Actions from April meeting - TB


ACTION: Forum members to consider what measures can be implemented to ensure that the Club improves in the cleanliness category.


RESPONSE: RE thanked Forum members for their suggestions, which have been collated by CP. A member of the Facilities team will attend the next meeting to discuss the ideas further and update the group on the stadium improvements.





Goodison Granites - JF


JF presented the Forum with two new proposals for the Goodison Granite project.


MM stated that he didn't feel the location of the granites was ideal, the other members of the Forum agreed that they are happy with the proposal and that it was in the best interest of the fans to provide the service as soon as possible due to the high demand for Goodison Granites.


The group discussed cost of the project; RE suggested that the profit the Club gains from the granites can fund an additional Forum project. The Forum accepted this offer and an initial idea was the addition of a new statue on the footprint of Goodison Park.


JF confirmed the lighting around Dixie's Wall of Fame has now been installed and the Club has amended the colour of the gates to Gold as requested by the Forum.




Fans' Forum Survey - MR


MR presented the Forum with the results of the Fans' Forum survey. MR reiterated that the results of the survey will form part of the final proposal, and additional information from consultations with various groups will also help shape the recommendation.


ACTION: Forum member to take results away from the meeting to discuss and send feedback to CP by Friday 20 June.





Pre-Season fixtures - KK


KK stated she has received numerous emails from supporters querying information for pre-season fixtures.


RE confirmed that the Club are in the process of signing a contract to play in Thailand against Leicester City, this will be announced to the wider fan base shortly.


The Club is planning Leon Osman's testimonial fixture and the possibility of an additional European fixture. 





2014.15 Crest Timeline - TB


TB queried when the Club will be rolling out the new 2014/15 Crest.


JF and KK confirmed the work in and around the stadium is underway and the digital platforms will be updated mid-July.


TB asked  whether the history of the Club crests can be displayed around the stadium, JF confirmed that these are already present amongst the Everton timeline around the outside of the stadium.





Away Fan Initiative - RE


RE informed the group that the Club is currently in the planning stages of the Away Fan Initiative. The Club remains committed to the project and will continue to look at ways to reward Evertonians on the road, and away supporters visiting Goodison Park.





Supporters' Club ticket allocation - KK


KK asked what the position is going to be for Supporters' Club away ticket allocations for 2014/15. MR confirmed that the Club is currently reviewing all benefits, and all information will be communicated to all Clubs via Club channels in mid-July.




Pyros - KK


KK stated that there were numerous pyros set off at the Hull fixture and commended the Club for the actions they have taken against pyros throughout the season.




Liverpool away fixture - RK


RK informed the forum that the report has been produced and is currently being reviewed by the council.  Dave Lewis (Head of Stadium Security) has asked for any of the Forum members who want to meet with him prior to the report being approved to make contact as he is happy to gather any additional feedback.


KK stated she would attend on behalf of the Forum.





Fan Zone suggestions - CP


CP thanked the Forum for their Memorable Matchday feedback; this information will be used in the planning day that is being held at the end of June.




Club support to the Forum - KK


KK requested that the Club support and involve the Forum in more projects in the future.


MR confirmed that the Club encourages the Forum to do this and it will form part of the review process.




1.1  Scoreboard

MM asked if this could be returned for 2014/15. MR informed the group that the scoreboard is no longer fit for purpose. Money was invested in the two LED screens but some of the features from the old scoreboard could possibly be introduced on to the screens.


1.2   Forum meeting at Finch Farm

The Club will arrange a meeting with the Forum at Finch Farm in August.


1.3  Dates of meetings moving forward

The Club will propose dates for the Forum meetings once fixtures have been announced