Meeting Report - January 2014

by Daniel Alston



Fans' Forum meeting



Thursday 23 January 2014




Forum Members

Tony Bott (TB) Kathy Keigh (KK) Amy Wilson (AW) Andrew Collier (AC) Paul Gabbutt (PG) Dorothy Carlin (DC) Jason Howard (JH) Robert Eagleton (RJE) Ruther Eardley (RE) Mike Rice (MR) Nick Mernock (NM) Craig Prince (CPR) Martin Malone (MM) Antonia Harrison (AH)


Club representatives

Christine Prior (CP) Alan Myers (AM) Dave Biggar (DB) Jim Fantozzi (JF) Richard Kenyon (RK) 




Mark Rowan, Robert Elstone




RK introduced himself to the Forum. Richard has been appointed as Interim Marketing Director at the Club and attended the meeting as an observer.





Review of December action points - TB


ACTION: Forum to be updated on Dixie Project


RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed further


ACTION: CP to discuss post-match traffic procedures with the relevant departments at the Club


RESPONSE: CP reported to Head of Stadium Operations. Issue will be raised with the highways departments as this is a council decision.





Dixie update - JF


JF reported that planning permission has now been granted. The demolition of the wall is to take place in the coming weeks.


Members voted for the name of the fan bricks that are to be on sale shortly. The bricks are to be named ‘Goodison Granites'.


Details of the Goodison Granites were discussed - this included cost, size and design.


Publicity of the Goodison Granites was also discussed at length; JF will communicate a timeline of details that the Club will use. Promotion will include Club media platforms and other local media promotion as appropriate.


JF presented the forum members with five different options for gate design. This was discussed at length.


ACTION: Forum members to send preferred options to CP by 26/01/14






Dave Hickson Tribute - AC


AC asked for an update on the design of the tunnel area and whether it would incorporate a tribute to Dave Hickson as suggested by a member of ESCLA.


JF reported that this project is currently being worked on with the manager and the plan is to promote the Club's history throughout the tunnel area. This would be an extension of the work already done at Finch Farm at the manager's request.





Twitter update - TB


TB reminded the group of the conduct the Forum wish to follow on social media platforms when liaising with other supporters.


ACTION: Forum members to discuss the use of the Fans' Forum twitter account at the next members-only meeting.


Members of the Forum also stated that new members email address were not on the official webpage on


ACTION: CP to update Fans' Forum email addresses on





QPR delayed kick-off - KK


The delay of the fixture was due to the amount of the supporters queuing around the stadium, notably at the Bullens Road ticket office.


DB explained that there had been 4,445 activated print-at-home tickets at the turnstiles for this match with 625 tickets being bought in the 24 hours leading up to the fixture. The delay was due to a variety of different reasons. A large amount of supporters had not printed their print-at-home confirmation, a selection of barcodes did not work on turnstiles due to the quality of the printers at home and there was also a high level of collections that the Bullens Road ticket office already had to handle. This resulted in unexpected queues which led to the delay. The queues were cleared by 3:16pm on the day.


The Club has reviewed this internally and the relevant changes will be made to prevent another situation occurring in the future. This will include promotion on how to use the print-at-home service and a review of the facilities in the Bullens Road ticket office. 





Kitbag - RE


RE had indicated there had been several complaints received through the Fans' Forum twitter account from supporters in Ireland being unable to purchase kits in stores and having to use the online service.


Kits are currently available in a selection of JD outlets but unfortunately none in Ireland.


DB will take the feedback into next meeting with Kitbag; an update will be given when available.





Ticket allocation Liverpool V Everton - RE


RE explained that the Club has now addressed this issue in a statement made on


DB confirmed that the allocation of tickets has been reduced by 177 severely restricted tickets due to persistent standing.




Away ticket purchasing - RE


RE stated that a high amount of supporters are finding it difficult to purchase away tickets as it was difficult to build up away credits to be able to buy them on their using their customer numbers.


DB indicated that it was something that the Club constantly reviews. Due to the popularity of away fixtures fans may find it difficult to build up credits although a select number of fixtures this season have dropped to season ticket holders with a low number of away credits.




Lighting the Tower - AC


AC confirmed the launch event is due to take place on Tuesday 4 February 2014.




Leafleting around the Stadium - RJE


RJE reported witnessing inappropriate leaflets being handed out on the areas around Goodison Park.


Alan Bowen (Head of Stadium Operations) will report this to the Council.






1.1  Wifi Update

MR will provide update at next meeting


1.2  Stub Hub

DB stated a member of the Forum asked him for figures on the prices of tickets being sold on Stub Hub after the December meeting


In 2012/13 the average price that tickets were sold for was £27.09. This season the average ticket price that tickets have been sold for is £32.71.


1.3  2014/15 Season ticket campaign

RK explained that the Season Ticket campaign is going to be based on supporters' pre-match rituals. He asked if any of the Forum have any pre-match rituals to send to CP.