Meeting Report - February 2014

by Daniel Alston



Fans' Forum Meeting




Thursday 27 February 2014




Forum Members

Tony Bott (TB) Kathy Keig (KK) Amy Wilson (AW) Ruth Eardley (RE) Martin Malone (MM) Andrew Collier (AC) Dorothy Carlin (DC) Jason Howard (JH) Antonia Harrison (AH) Mike Rice (MRI)

Club Representatives:

Dave Biggar (DB) Jim Fantozzi (JF) Christine Prior (CP) Mark Rowan (MR) Dave Lewis (DL) Christopher Clarke (CC) Dan Conlin (DCO)



Robert Elstone (RE) Robert Eagleton (RJE) Paul Gabbutt (PG)




DC and CC were welcomed to the Forum by TB.


Both Dan (Finance department) and Chris (Head of Strategy) have recently joined the Club and are attending the meeting as observers.

TB confirmed  that Craig Prince has offered his resignation from the Forum.




Actions from previous meeting - TB


ACTION: Members to email CP their preferences for the design of the Dixie wall of fame gate gates by Sunday 26/01/2014


RESPONSE: Option 3 was the preferred option for the top of the gate and option 5 was the preferred option for the bottom of the gate. The gates are to be colored blue with any writing to be in gold.


ACTION: Forum members to send pre-match rituals to CP


RESPONSE: Responses received have been collated and sent to the marketing to help with the 2014/15 season ticket campaign


ACTION: CP to ask the digital team to update the new fans' forum members email addresses on the website page


RESPONSE: This has been actioned





Liverpool Away -  DL


DL (Head of Security) stated that all complaints from our supporters had been collated and sent to the relevant parties to investigate further.


DL stated footage showed that turnstiles N, O and P could not handle the number of supporters queuing to access the stadium. DL believed this was due to the extensive searching process that took place on the evening. The searching process was suspended at 19:40.


Meetings have been held with representatives from the licensing department at Liverpool City Council which was attended by KK and AW. Feedback was given from all parties at the meeting.


A report is to be put together by the Licensing department. Improvements will then be made where necessary to ensure a positive experience moving forward.


ACTION: Any further feedback from DL to be given at a future meeting





Crystal Palace postponement - TB


Forum members asked for more information on the process which led to the decision of the postponement of the Crystal Palace game. Members also questioned the timing of the decision.


DL stated the Club made the decision to postpone the fixture. This was due to police advice. The Stadium was safe for the match to take place. Reports of debris from damaged buildings hitting Goodison Road led to the final decision.


DL explained how the Club had been in constant contact with the relevant authorities throughout the day with regards to the red weather warning.


As a red weather warning is incredibly rare, the Club has held a critical debrief with the relevant staff members from departments across the Club. A comprehensive plan is now in place for any future red weather warning situations.






Dixie Update - JF


JF informed the group that the demolition of the Everton timeline has begun.


Goodison Granites sold out in 4/5 days, the website page is still receiving up to 60-80 hits per day with 2/3 being new visitors. The Club will continue to look for additional space around the stadium were more Goodison Granites can be positioned.


The final element of the project is flooring that the working group discussed at a meeting that took place on Tuesday 25 February. The group expressed a desire to have blue flooring but this cannot be obtained as the group felt the options where not good quality. 


JF showed the group a planned view of the flooring layout and the group were shown examples of alternative bricks.


Group thanked JF for his efforts on the project and felt that the Club has listened to the suggestions and ideas of the Fans' Forum.


The group discussed the PR activity around the unveiling of the Dixie statue move.


ACTION: PR plan to be presented to the Forum at the next meeting





Update on Connected Stadium - MR  


MR confirmed the Club are still in the early stages of investigation on the Wifi project for Goodison Park.


The Club is to meet with four different agencies who have suggested they can complete the project.


MR reiterated that it was his view that this project is yet to be completed to a sufficient standard in the UK. The Club is very much looking at other instalations for best practice before committing financially to the project at Goodison Park.


The Club will be visiting other Clubs throughout the year and will continue to investigate.


Forum members suggested the Club should communicate this process to supporters as the Fans Forum feel this is a popular topic amongst the fan base.


ACTION: MR to communicate the Club's position on connected stadium to the fan base.





Toilet Facilities - RE


Members reported problems with the toilet facilities in the Park End and Lower Gwladys. KK also received a complaint from an away supporter.


DL noted all issues and will take the feedback to the facilities team to make the necessary improvements.


Members also reported issues with smoking in the toilets that had been reported to them via their Twitter account. DL stated he is aware of the issue. Due to the level of complaints received stewards from the response team are now working in the Lower Gwladys. This has had a positive impact at the last fixture. The Club has also improved signage on the concourse and a polite notice will be added to the Season Ticket newsletter to season ticket holders in the Lower Gwladys.





Re-arranged fixtures - AW


AW explained the main frustration of rearranging fixtures is the booking of travel and transportation to the fixture. It was asked that the Club could notify supporters' as early as possible or if a fixture is in danger of being changed this should be stated on ticket news etc.




Umbro - DB


Forum members asked DB to explain what benefits the new deal with Umbro will bring to the fans.


DB informed the group that he can not divulge the financial information but can confirm it has improved compared to the previous deal with Nike. 


DB explained that the deal is different to Nike as the Club is Umbro's one primary partner. Fans will see an improved product range catering for men, women, children and babies.


The Club feels that the relationship with Umbro is positive and has got off to a fantastic start. Umbo is working closely with both the marketing and media team at Everton. The group offered positive feedback on the launch of the partnership and how the Club used fans to be a part of the event. All felt this highlighted the positive relationship.


The deal will result in Umbro producing a bespoke kit design each season. DB confirmed the manager has had input into the 2014/15 kit design process.





Feedback on 2014/15 Season Ticket Campaign -  DB


Forum members asked if the Club have considered adding another age category for 16-18 year old season ticket holders. DB explained that the Club have looked at the different categories and will continue to consider for the future. The Club researched the number of age category movers that are affected by the price increase. The issue the Club has is the number of price bands that can be created; the Club reviewed this in detail and will continue to consider for future seasons.


DB confirmed that the 10 month direct debit payment plan has been a huge success as 53% of sales so far have used this payment option. Members also commented that they all know of Season Ticket holders who have used this option and the feedback has been positive.


DB stated that the Club is happy with current sales which have increased compared to the same point in the sales process last season. Season ticket packs are set to be delivered on the w/c Monday 3 March.


The group discussed the video as a part of the ‘We are Evertonians' season ticket campaign. All stated they were impressed and felt the video recreated the buzz of the Everton matchday experience.


The forum members were thanked for their feedback in previous meetings that helped with the 2014/15 season ticket campaign process.




Memorable Matchday Activity - MR


MR informed the group that the Club will start planning activity for 2014/15 matchdays in the coming months, He asked the forum members to consider possible themes the supporters would like to see.


ACTION: Fans Forum members to send any themed matchday suggestions to CP




Participation in projects - MR


As the Dixie project is coming to a close, MR suggested the group go away from the meeting and think of any other Club projects they would like to get involved in.


ACTION: Forum members to consider future fan projects they can participate in.






1.1  Sodexo to attend a future meeting

ACTION: CP to arrange


1.2  MR asked members of the forum to look at the content on the screens in the stadium at the West Ham fixture and feedback on any improvements the Club can make.

ACTION: Forum members to send any feedback to CP