Meeting Report - February 2013

by Adam Clark

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Finch Farm

Meeting Date:



6 - 9pm


Tony Bott, Kathy Keig, James Lyon, Phil O'Rourke, Amy Wilson, Ruth Eardley, Dorothy Carlin, Martin Malone, Brian Scorgie, Andrew Collier, Paul Gabbutt, Ian McDougal, Alan Rawlinson, Christine Prior, Paul Tyrrell, Dave Biggar, Tom Wooley, Adrian Packer.






1.       Actions from December's meeting


1.1   ACTION: Robert Elstone to discuss away game ticket process with Head of Ticketing Matt Kendall



1.2   ACTION: MR to confirm selected fixtures and period of time that fixtures can be changed.

RESPONSE: The Tottenham Hotspur away fixture has been changed to Sunday 7 April 2013 at 2.05pm. The Arsenal away fixture may be changed if we progress to the next round of the FA Cup. Following last season's pattern, the last game of the season is likely to be confirmed on or around 8th May.


1.3   ACTION: Forum to bring a list of five things that would make them        come to Goodison Park

RESPONSE: Feedback was sent to CP by majority of Forum members the response was:

1) Result and success on the pitch

2) Quality of service

3) Affordable matchday experience

4) Atmosphere

5) Spending time with family and friends.








2.Everton Free School


Adrian Packer, Principal of the Everton Free School, spoke to members of the Forum about the achievements and progress the school has made since opening in September 2012.


Adrian explained the concept of the school and although it is an alternative provision the main focus is for all students to leave with five or more GCSEs. Three students from the Free School spoke about the work they had carried out so far and presented some of their work to the Forum. This included samples of football commentary that had been recorded by students on a matchday and also how some students are giving their time to volunteer for Everton in the Community.


Adrian explained how the school is expanding - with 50 students so far he is hoping the school will reach its full capacity of 200 students.


Forum members offered positive feedback to the school and the work it is doing for children in the local community.






3.Dixie Dean Statue


Paul Tyrrell asked the Forum for advice, views and feedback on what they think is the best location for the Dixie Dean statue. PT said that the current location was only intended as a temporary measure and is not fitting of his legacy. PT invited members of the Forum to a meeting with Club staff to discuss the matter further in coming weeks.


All members agreed that the statue should be moved back to the original space.


ACTION - Forum members to ask their associated fan groups for feedback on the location of the Dixie Dean Statue and send ideas to CP.











JL raised the issue that Season Ticket holders currently receive no discount on hospitality matchday packages and asked if this is something that could be considered for next season.


DB confirmed the Club are investigating this proposal as it has been previously raised by other Forum members. DB informed the Forum that the Club are looking at several options next year that will allow a general admission Season Ticket holder to upgrade to hospitality on a match-by-match basis. This will be clearly communicated to fans once final details have been confirmed.





5.Football Supporters' Federation


The group discussed the current campaigns that the Football Supporters Federation is running and if this is something that the Forum should support. KK suggested that the aims of the Football Supporters Federation should be explored further along with the affiliation process.


DB confirmed he will discuss this with relevant staff members and investigate the affiliation process.



6. 2013/14 Season Ticket prices and sales timeline


DB discussed Season Ticket information for the 2013/14 season with the Forum members. This included on-sale dates, Early Bird timeframes, concessionary pricing and payment options.


The group offered positive feedback on the information which will be released to fans w/c 25 February.


DB also presented members with information on the ‘Ultimate Evertonian' bolt-on offer which the Club would like to offer fans next season. The package has been developed to make it easier for fans to receive products from the Club.


ACTION: Fans Forum members to send suggestions for the ‘Ultimate Evertonian' package to CP.



7.Kitbag Feedback


DB will update the group on feedback from their Kitbag product suggestions at the March forum.


ACTION: CP to add Kitbag feedback to the agenda for the March meeting.


8. Corporate Sales


Gary Wilton, Head of Corporate Sales, requested feedback from the Forum on the following questions:


  • Do they know what hospitality packages are available on matchdays?
  • Do they know about Corporate Sales events?
  • How much do they know about matchday guests in the corporate lounges?
  • General PR, etc.
  • How often do they visit our website or call the office?


ACTION: Forum members to send feedback to CP to collate before the next meeting.


PG gave positive feedback on the Corporate Sales department for the excellent customer service he has received when contacting the office for information.




9.Fan Engagement


The Forum discussed the fan engagement activities at Goodison Park that are currently being held for loyal Season Ticket holders. CP asked the group for feedback on which other groups of fans the events should be targeted at. All members of the Forum agreed that an event should be hosted for junior supporters.



10. Everton in the Community Birthday Celebrations feedback


Forum members gave positive feedback on the activity that took place at the Aston Villa fixture to celebrate Everton in the Community's 25th anniversary. Tom Woolley confirmed that the fundraising total now stands at £315,048.


The group discussed how the Forum can help raise money for the campaign and it was decided the group will assist with selling matchday scratch cards and wristbands to their associated fan groups.


ACTION: Forum members to email CP if they wish to take collect wristbands/scratchcards to sell on behalf of Everton in the Community.



11. Pre-season plans


JL asked when plans for pre-season 2013/14 will be announced as other clubs have started to send out information to their fans.


DB confirmed that the Club has a range of opportunities for pre-season that they are currently reviewing. Once all information is finalised, supporters will be informed.



12. AOB


1.1 Positive feedback

KK shared with the group two cases of positive feedback and excellent customer service that had been reported to her by fans.


1.2 Fancam


In previous meetings, the Forum questioned the process for selecting the Fancam winner on matchdays. CP confirmed that the selection is completely random and there has never been a repeat winner.


1.4 Giant flag


CP asked the Forum's views on using a giant flag in the Park End stand on matchdays. The group agreed that a flag should be used on special occasions and should be considered if the team progress to Wembley in the FA Cup but they would not like to see it used every game at Goodison Park.  




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