Meeting Report - February 2012

by Matthew Gamble

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:

23rd February, 6pm - 7.30pm


Tony Bott

Fans' Forum Attendees:

Amy Wilson, Katy Keig, Alan Rawlinson, Paul Gabbot



1.     Review of actions points


Ø  Forum members agreed to increase forum numbers as soon as possible to make it a truly representative group.  This situation has arisen due to new members not taking up their positions - TB.


Ø  Programme Sales review of increasing sale outlets both inside and outside the stadium will be reviewed by DB at next meeting.


Ø  The Club has now gone "live" with a dedicated email address for fans to contact the Fans' Forum members and thus have access to contribute to the forum agenda.


Ø  The Communication Survey will be reviewed and updated at next meeting - MR


Ø  The discussion on looking at Club loyalty and rewards schemes to those attending all games home and away will be updated at the next meeting - DB


Ø  Pre-Paid Cards for use within the stadium and shop will be carried forward and further details delivered to forum at the next meeting - DB



2.     Kitbag - Alex Leith


The forum discussed issues relating to availability of non EFC items, increasing/amending the range and sizes of items available for women and children.  Also discussed was the issue of Everton Football Club's profile on the Kitbag website and availability of Everton Football Club items at non Club outlets.

Alex Leith advised that the website profile had been updated and improved and that he would have direct contact with KK in connection with female clothing issues and information about additional children's items

3.     Membership of Forum


Due to resignations and work commitments of some current members and failure to take up their positions, past members have been contacted and a decision to ask previous forum members to return on a temporary basis will be made as soon as possible.

Wider recruitment for this year's intake will take place in August discussed.

Future membership structure to be agreed at next meeting to include reserve list and attendance policy.  Process for new Chairperson has been agreed



4.         Season Ticket Pricing


Season Ticket Campaign was discussed by DB, and the Stand Together 2012/2013 campaign launched.  Pricing to be released 28th February with campaign launch, additional pricing plans, children's prices and payment plans are already for release. Stand Together postal campaign to launch early March.

5.         Viewing Obstructions


Viewing obstructions for disabled fans at Park End - AW discussed the issue.  MR agreed to investigate and consider review / relocation of camera locations behind the goal at ESPN matches.


6.         Pricing for Quarter Final game v Sunderland


DB confirmed Season Ticket holder from £25.00, general sale from £30.00 and juniors for £5.00



7.         Supporters' Clubs


The Forum discussed the issue of supporters' clubs using client I.D numbers when making ticket applications.  The benefits of individuals retaining their own loyalty points to eliminate future problems in ticketing issues.  Club meeting to discuss.


 8.        Ticketing for QPR


DB discussed the stance taken by QPR and explained the reason behind the decision take up reduced ticket numbers

9.         AOB


Ø  Pre-season tour information will be released as soon as it has been confirmed

Ø  KK offered thanks for improvement in programme message boards

Ø  Club's End of Season dinner was confirmed for 10th May at St Georges Hall

Ø  The forum delivered very positive feedback from the meeting with PGMOL


Ø  Next Meeting will take place on Thursday 29th March at 6pm

Ø  Next meeting secretary to be Carena Duffy