Meeting Report - December 2013

by Daniel Alston



Fans' Forum



Thursday 19 December 2013

Brian Labone lounge




Tony Bott (TB) Kathy Keig (KK) Amy Wilson (AW) Brian Scorgie (BS) James Lyon (JL) Ruth Eardley (RuthE) Martin Malone (MM) Andrew Collier (AC) Dorothy Carlin (DC) Jason Howard (JH) Craig Prince (CPr) Antonia Harrison (AH) Robert Eagleton (RobertE) Mike Rice (MRi) Dave Biggar (DB) Jim Fantozzi (JF) Christine Prior (CP)



Nick Mernock (NM) Robert Elstone (RE) Mark Rowan (MR)









Actions from previous meeting - TB


ACTION - MN to update KK on how many new Christmas 2013 product lines have been launched


RESPONSE - Information was provided by kitbag account manager Steph Beedles. This information related to the number of lines for the years 2012 and 2013 not Christmas product lines.


ACTION - CP to update on the Crystal Palace complaint procedure


RESPONSE - Dave Lewis is still waiting to have de-brief with the Head of Stadium security. Polite reminder was sent to them the w/c 16 December. As a Club we are unable to insist opposition clubs adopt new procedures we can only offer feedback.


ACTION- Christine and Kathy to send reminders of dates and look at Calendar of agenda items ahead of the next meeting


RESPONSE: Christine sent around reminder of meeting dates. Calendar of agenda items are in place.





Digital Update - JF


JF updated the Forum on the progress of the new official Everton website that is due to be launch on August 1 2015.



Several focus groups have taken place with different supporter groups to gather feedback, and extensive benchmarking has been carried out over the past few months.


MRi queried if the new website has been tested for best practice with disabled users. JF will investigate.


ACTION: Mark Rowan to provide further update at the January meeting.





Fan Meeting Update - TB


TB updated the Club on the plans that the Forum has to meet with representatives of other fan groups and unofficial fan websites.


The Forum wants to engage with fan groups who want to have positive communication. They feel this meeting will also give the Forum the chance to explain what its aims are.


TB explained that the Forums received an invitation to attend a meeting with the Shareholders' association. This was discussed at the members meeting, and it was decided by the group that they will consider inviting a representative from the Shareholders' association to their meeting with other representatives from fan groups.


TB stated that the Forum will continue to work on the best format for the meeting, and plan to hold the meeting no earlier than February.





Dixie project update - JF


JF updated the Forum on the meeting that was held previously with forum members and Head of Stadium Operations, Alan Bowen.


The group reiterated that they would be happy to rearrange the date of the launch, as the members have been clear from the start of the consultation that they would prefer the project to be unveiled when 100% complete. The Club has now confirmed that the construction, production and sale of the bricks were not achievable by the agreed date in January. A joint decision was made that they will now work towards the date of May 2014 to ensure maximum impact when the project launches.


The group discussed other features of the project including lighting, flooring, gates etc.


JF gave the group an update on the ‘buy a brick' scheme. The Club is hoping for the bricks to be available for purchase in early 2014. The group also discussed the selling arrangements of the bricks and possible priority periods. The feedback from the Forum suggested that the bricks should be open for sale to any Everton supporter.


ACTION: Forum to be updated by JF of any further developments with the Dixie project.


ACTION: Forum members to send any suggestions of names for the bricks to CP to collate.





Hospitality Discounts -  JH


JH queried if discounts can be given to general admission STH or Supporters' Club members.


DB explained that the Club feels that the cheapest way you should enter Goodison Park, whether it is via corporate hospitality or general admission, is if you are purchasing on a seasonal basis. The Club will not discount on a match by match basis if this will result in the Season Ticket Holders not getting the best deal overall.


DB will discuss this matter further in an internal meeting and investigate possible discounts that do not compromise the Season Ticket Prices.





Electronic Cigarettes - RobertE


RobertE asked the Clubs position on electronic cigarettes being used inside the stadium on a matchday.


Dave Lewis, Head of Stadium Security advised that Electronic cigarettes are treated the same as cigarettes as stated in the ground regulations which is common across the country.





Santa Dash - MR


Members of the Forum raised the issue that there was not enough blue Santa suits available at the recent Santa Dash that took place in Liverpool City Centre.


EitC confirmed 500 blue suits were issued by organisers Run Liverpool. This number was based on previous figures; feedback will be given to Run Liverpool via EitC.




2014/15 Season Ticket Prices - DB


DB has submitted a plan for 2014/15 season tickets to the senior Board and is awaiting approval.


He confirmed to the group that the plan included several payment plans for supporters and, once feedback is given, any further work will be done and shared with the fan base in early 2014.





Stub Hub - CraigP


Craig asked about procedures the Club have in place for supporters selling tickets on Stub Hub over face value, and what the situation is regarding away supporters purchasing tickets in the home section.


DB explained the rules and regulations of the Stub Hub service, supporters are allowed to set their own price for match tickets on Stub Hub.  For all fixtures apart from the Merseyside derby ticket sales have all been priced around or below face value. DB confirmed he will bring statistics to a future meeting and share with the group.


All tickets purchased through Stub Hub have to be collected in person at the Everton Fan Centre. Checks are then put in place so the Club does all it can to make sure that the supporter who purchased is in the correct section of the stadium. As ever, Everton Football Club would never knowingly allow an away supporter to sit amongst home supporters.




Christmas activities feedback - KK


KK along with other members of the Forum offered positive feedback on the activity that took place around the Fulham fixture. The members commented on the giveaways, pre-match and half time entertainment.


The group also offered positive feedback on the Christmas Carol Service and the Turn the Streets Blue Christmas Campaign.


TB on behalf of the Forum congratulated the entire Memorable Matchday and Ownership and Participation team on the series of evernts that have been held over recent months which have greatly enhanced the supporter experience.




Crystal Palace EDSA feedback - AW


AW updated the group on the letter received to EDSA from Crystal Palace Football Club.


Along with an apology for their matchday experience the letter also included amends that Crystal Palace are looking at making to their away section for disabled supporters. Crystal Palace also stated that, if still in the Premier League, they will look into the possibility of offering complimentary tickets to EDSA members next season.




Away Fan Ambassador - CP


Following the recent announcement of Christine becoming the Away Fan Ambassador for Everton supporters on the road, the group was given an update on the aims of the role and the progress that they hope will be made in the coming months.


The Forum thanked CP for all the assistance she has provided over the year and wished her well in the extension of her role. The look forward to a continued positive working relationship in the future.




1.1  Forum members raised the issue that the traffic bollards when leaving the Gwlady Street post-match cause obstruction

ACTION: CP to discuss traffic procedure on the Gwladys Street with Dave Lewis/Alan Bowen.


1.2  Departing Members

On behalf of the Forum and Club representatives TB thanked departing members Brian Scorgie and James Lyon for their contribution to the Forum.