Meeting Report - December 2012

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:



6pm - 9:00pm




1. Review of Action Points


ACTION: Forum members to send wishlist of Kitbag products to Christine Prior.

RESPONSE: The received lists have been collated and sent for Kitbag's attention.


ACTION: Mark Rowan (MR) to investigate the communication of discounts.

RESPONSE: MR confirmed that a meeting has taken place with Kitbag and Shareholders' retail discount has now been reinstated. Subject to an acceptable process, Dave Bigger (DB) hopes to confirm details in the New Year but expects it will be limited to a 5-10% discount for non-sale items purchased online only.


ACTION: Forum members to bring mystery shopper details to January's meeting








2. Club Branding

Paul Tyrell (PT) informed the group that an update will be given on Club branding and positioning once this has been reviewed internally.




3. Ticket Touts

Members of the Fans' Forum expressed concerns that ticket touts were operating around the stadium on matchdays. PT informed the Fans' Forum of two incidents involving ticket touts at the Tottenham Hotspur fixture that were reported and the Head of Stadium Security is currently gathering more information. An update will be provided to the Fans' Forum at the January meeting.






4. Away Game Ticket Process

James Lyon (JL) discussed improvements that can be made on the current away ticket information. The away ticket selling process has been amended so that the criteria dates make the selling process quicker for the supporters. This also ensures that all tickets arrive to travelling fans in time for the fixture. JL suggested that before away tickets go on to general sale they should be offered to fans who have attended home fixtures.

ACTION: Robert Elstone (RE) to discuss with head of ticketing Matt Kendall.




5. Fixture Changes

Forum members discussed the date of fixtures being changed due to them being televised.

ACTION: MR to confirm selected TV fixtures and period of time that fixtures can be changed.


6. Everton in the Community Update

Tom Woolley (TW) gave the forum an update on the EitC 25th anniversary campaign, including events that have taken place since the last meeting and details of upcoming events. TW confirmed the 12 Shades of Blue has sold 5,500 calendars to date. Over 100 pre-orders were received and the calendar had to be re-stocked due to number of sales via Kitbag. A record number of Blue Santas took part in the 2012 Santa Dash. Mascot packages are now available for the Aston Villa fixture, which has been dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the charity and information will be announced in the New Year on The Captains' and Managers' Dinner which is due to be held on 28 March 2013.

Tony Bott (TB) gave positive feedback on EitC when he visited the department on his behind the scenes tour earlier in the season.

RE asked the Fans' Forum if they feel the success and work of EitC encourages fans to purchase a ticket  for a home fixture at Goodison. Members confirmed that the work of EitC makes them feel ‘proud to be blue' and gives them a sense of belonging but that alone would not make them buy a match ticket. JL feels that EitC have enhanced his experience of being an Evertonian.


7.  Turn the City Blue campaign

All members of the Forum reported positive feedback from December's ‘Turn the City Blue' Christmas campaign.


8.  The Everton Roadshow

JL asked for feedback on the pre-match roadshow activity that takes place each game at the Fan Zone in the Park End. RE confirmed positive feedback from the roadshow and stated how the activity will continue to develop as the season progresses to enhance the matchday experience for supporters. PT said that Fan Zone has constantly developed since the launch and will be publicised more prominently in the New Year.

RE asked the Fans' Forum what they would like to see at Goodison on a matchday and how the Club could improve the matchday experience/atmosphere.

ACTION: Forum to bring a list of five things that would make them come to Goodison Park.



MR asked that members of the Fans' Forum to gather feedback from their network of supporters on discussions that take place during the meeting and send to CP.

ACTION: Forum members to send information to CP.


9. AOB

1.1 Half Season Ticket Sales

PT provided an update on Half Season Ticket sales to date. Sales are 306% higher than last year with adults up by 325%, concessions (16-20) up by 235% and U16 & U11's up by 310%. The current rate of sales could result in the Club doubling the number of Half Season Ticket sales they budgeted for.

1.2 Secret Shopper

TB collected the secret shopper packs from the group that took place at the Tottenham Hotspur fixture. The information will be collated and results will be given at the February meeting.

1.3 Thank you from departing members

DC who is departing from the forum, thanked staff and members for an enjoyable experience.