Meeting Report - December 2011

by Matthew Gamble

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:

17th December 2011


6pm - 7.30pm




1. Review of Action Points

ACTION - The Club will contact all away clubs for clarification on their ticketing process, to ensure that supporters who purchase tickets first get the best seats available.

RESPONSE - .The Club take allocations of away tickets on the understanding that they are sold in the order as instructed by the home club. All tickets are sent in blocks with a selling order on; if possible the Club start on the block with sell 2nd or sell 3rd on so season tickets holders are not in the corner of the ground. Last season only two clubs did not send criteria with the tickets, five clubs instructed that the Club had to sell either the lower or upper tier first.

Matchday traffic response from last meeting

Feedback document provided to the Forum. Mersey tunnel and bridge closures to be communicated to the fanbase where possible. The Club confirmed it is committed to an ongoing dialogue with the City Council and Merseytravel regarding Sandhills car park.

The Forum raised the question of the possibility of utilising car parking space on Goodison Road opposite St Luke's church.

ACTION - Head of Stadium to confirm the potential use of Goodison Road car park opposite St Luke's church on matchdays.

RESPONSE - 90% of this area is already utilised on a matchday by Everton Disabled Supporters Association, who issue tickets on a rota basis. There is also a catering vehicle and stall that utilises the rest of the space.

2.         Club's Five Key Priorities

Feedback was given to the Forum on the progress made on the Club's Five Key Priorities.


The Forum was asked whether the Blackburn fixture on 21 January 2012 should be category E or D game. The consensus was to remain a category E game. Attendance to the fixture should be the priority and this can be affected by a number of factors including; opposing team, performance at the previous fixture, and the time of year. It was noted that reducing the price of the ticket does not necessarily improve attendance.

ACTION - Club to make decision on Blackburn fixture and communicate to the Forum

RESPONSE - To remain a category E game

The Club to consider making an announcement via the public address system pre-match, to welcome any Junior Blues attending Goodison Park for the first time.

ACTION - To be implemented at the Bolton fixture on 4 January 2012

The Forum discussed implementing a surcharge for tickets purchased on the day of a match. It was felt that this would encourage supporters to purchase tickets early, especially for Cup fixtures. The Forum felt that if this was implemented, communication should be robust to eradicate any confusion.

ACTION - To be looked at as part of the ongoing work on the Club's Key Five Priorities

The Forum were informed that Half Season tickets are now available to purchase at Everton Two. The Forum felt that this needs to be advertised more prominently on the website.

ACTION - The Club to consider additional exposure online

RESPONSE - This has been communicated to the Digital Media team and where possible will be increased.

Forum discussed the viability of changing the ticketing line to a Freephone number

ACTION - The Club to look at the viability of changing the ticketing line to a freephone number as part of the Five Key Priorities.

The Club will ensure that the current system allows fans to purchase tickets in the most efficient way, therefore ensuring that the charge for the call is low.

The Forum was provided with handouts relating to work undertaken on the Five Key Priorities; Enhancing the Everton Experience, Growing the Fanbase and Communication. The Forum will report back to the Club should they have any questions or issues. Feedback will continue to be given to the Forum as work progresses on the Five Key Priorities.

It was agreed that an update on Everton in the Community Free School would be given at a future meeting.

ACTION - Update to be given at a future meeting on Everton in The Community's Free School

3.         Mystery Shopper

Members of the Fans' Forum completed the mystery shopping exercise at the Stoke fixture on 4 December 2011. Feedback will be collated and discussed at the February meeting.

4.         New Development

The Chief Executive gave the Forum an appraisal and status of the project. The project has not been ruled out. However, the current economic climate has made it extremely difficult to progress. The Club remains committed to providing better retail and hospitality space. The CEO also confirmed that as soon as there is any further information it will be communicated.

5.         Annual Accounts

The annual report was circulated to the Forum. The CEO gave a very brief overview of the key numbers as per those figures released into the public domain the previous Friday.

The Forum asked how the figures in the public domain, prior to the release of the Accounts, were very similar to the actual figures in the report. It was confirmed that the Club keep the details as secure as possible but that the accounts are released to external third parties prior to publication.

6.         Publication of Forum Member's details

In response to a request from a supporter who contacted the Fans' Forum, the Forum discussed the merits of publishing member's details in the public domain.

ACTION - Forum members will be contacted to consider whether they would be comfortable for their identities to be published.

ACTION - The Club to look at creating an independent domain for the Fans' Forum, to be managed by the current members.

7.         Kitbag

Kitbag has agreed to attend the next meeting in January.

ACTION - Forum members to communicate any issues they would like to be placed on the agenda.

8.         Everton Two signing

Three complaints were received following the recent signing session at Everton Two. Expectations and rules were effectively communicated prior to the event and the priority was to ensure that as many supporters as possible had the opportunity to meet the player.

The Forum discussed capping the numbers at the signings but it was felt that this would limit the numbers of supporters meeting the player and meeting the player should be the priority.

The Forum felt that the timings didn't work well for families and should be 6-7pm instead of 5-6pm.

ACTION - The Club will review for future signings.

9.         AOB

Drinks inside the stadium

The Forum felt that there was a delay in dispensing the cups to decant drinks and this was affecting sales.

ACTION - Feedback to be given to Sodexo and Sodexo to suggest alternatives to avoid queues.

Director of Communications post

The Club is in the process of recruiting for the vacancy. Paul Tyrrell is working with the Club on a short-term basis to help the Senior Executive Management Team on Club and PR related issues.


The Premier League has confirmed that Everton Football Club will pilot a scheme with the PGMOL who will meet and present to the Forum in February.

Programme subscriptions

A number of complaints have been received about non receipt of programmes from the Stoke game. It was confirmed that appropriate action has been taken to rectify the problem.

The Forum asked whether a picture of Gary Speed could be added to the timeline or incorporated into the Walk of Fame.

ACTION - The Club to look at appropriate options and report back at a later date.

Everton Collection at the Met Quarter

The Forum discussed The Everton Experience at the Met Quarter and asked for clarification on how the Collection acquires new pieces of memorabilia.

ACTION - The Club to ask the Everton Collection for feedback on how it acquires new pieces for the collection.

The Forum asked whether there was an option to extend the Everton Experience in the Met Quarter. It was confirmed that there was an option to extend the use of the unit to six months.

Remembrance Day match shirts.

The Forum asked for clarification around the plans to auction the Remembrance Day match day shirts. It was confirmed that the agreement with The Premier League is to auction the shirts for the Royal British Legion, This is likely to happen around Remembrance Day 2012.

CEO thanked the members of the Forum who were standing down following the meeting for their invaluable contribution to the Forum.

Next meeting - 26th January 2012