Meeting Report - August 2014

by Matthew Gamble



Everton Fans' Forum



Thursday 28 August 2014




Forum members - TB, KK, AC, RUE, PG, ROE, AW, AH, MM, NM, DC.

Club representatives - RE, RK, MR, CP, JF.



Forum members - JH




Actions from previous meeting - TB


ACTION: CP to invite Kathy Long from the Premier League to Forum meeting.

RESPONSE: CP has contacted Tommy from Supporter Services team at the Premier League who are keen to attend a meeting.  Once date is confirmed for September meeting, CP will make contact and arrange.


ACTION: MR to update Forum pledges document.

RESPONSE: Item on the agenda to be discussed.


ACTION: Forum members to supply CP with IP addresses to enable access to new

RESPONSE: CP has sent link to members who supplied their IP addresses. Any feedback on the new is to be sent to CP.


ACTION: RK to arrange meeting with representatives of the Forum and Umbro to discuss the 2015/16 playing kit.

RESPONSE: Date for the meeting is to be confirmed. Forum members to register their interest in attending with CP.




Away Fans Initiative - RK


RK updated Forum members on the Club's plans for the 2014/15 Away Fan Initiative. The Club is committed to the initiative and proposes to spend a third of the budget on away supporters visiting Goodison Park and the remaining funds on Evertonians supporting the Blues on the road.


The group discussed the proposal for the various activities, including coach travel, reciprocal ticket deals and events.


CP suggested that two members of the Forum sample the experience that away fans have when they visit Goodison Park. This feedback could then be used to improve the experience, where possible.


ACTION: Forum members who are interested in providing feedback on the away fan experience at Goodison Park to email CP.


The group discussed the behaviour of travelling supporters and what the Club can do to make away fixtures safe and friendly for Evertonians on the road. The group suggested placing a number of ambassadors in the away section that supporters can go to for help and advice, and also to report any problems.


ACTION: Club to investigate option of having a team of matchday ambassadors at each away fixture.




Goodison Granites - JF


Forum members asked when the next phase of the Goodison Granites would get underway. JF informed the group that the Club is still on track to install the plaques in October 2014. Ideally this would fall in the international break to ensure installation does not cause interruptions to pre-match activity.




Memorable Matchday themes - CP


CP informed the group of the themes that the Memorable Matchday team has selected for the 2014/15 season.


The group gave positive feedback on the ‘Back to the School of Science' theme at the Arsenal fixture, including the School of Science PE bags and on-pitch flag display.


ACTION: Forum members to send feedback on themed fixtures to CP.




Fans' Forum review - MR


Members queried some items on the pledges document and the aims of the Forum moving forward. The group discussed each point and all queries were resolved.


ACTION: MR to send finalised draft of Forum pledges to all members.




Recruitment - MR


The group discussed the recruitment process for the Forum moving forward. The group agreed MR should draft a timeline for the recruitment process, which is to be signed off by members before the next meeting.


The Forum members had no objection to the final fan vote being conducted by the Electoral Reform Services (ERS).


ACTION: MR to draft recruitment timeline and send to the Forum.




Screening UEFA fixtures - AW


AW queried whether Europa League away fixtures will be screened at Goodison Park. MR confirmed that fixtures can be screened as long as they are on TV and Sodexo are investigating options.




Camera positions in the Park End - AW


AW reported a number of EDSA members who are allocated spaces behind the Park End goal could not see at the Arsenal fixture due to the position of the television camera behind the Park End goal.


Alan Bowen, Head of Stadium Operations, is currently investigating this matter with Sky to ensure it does not happen again.




Kitbag stock levels - KK


KK asked what the Club is doing regarding low levels of stock in Everton stores. RK explained to the Forum that the Club is continuing to investigate this issue internally and all problems with stock levels have been noted.


Forum members asked if a Kitbag representative could attend the next meeting to showcase product range for the Christmas period.


ACTION: CP to invite Kitbag representative to September meeting.




Forum projects - MR


MR suggested a list of Club projects that the Forum members could get involved in. The Forum suggested that they should split into working groups which would allow them to concentrate on each project.


The following projects were discussed



2)Fan Zone

3)New Statue

4)Umbro kit consultation

5) Remembrance day activity  


ACTION: Forum members to discuss project groups at next members meeting.




1.1  Banners around Goodison Park

Forum members gave positive feedback on the ‘We are Evertonians' banners that are displayed around the stadium.


1.2  Away credits

KK asked why away Cup games do not count as away credits. CP informed the group that it would have little impact on who would be able to purchase away tickets. For small allocations, only the most regular away supporters would be able to access tickets and for a big allocation, it would only make the away credit criteria higher. Matt Kendall, Head of Ticketing, will review this process in February 2015.


1.3  Season Ticket sales update

Season Ticket sales are currently at 27,478.


1.4  Stadium Tours

MR informed the Forum members that the Club is currently reviewing the Stadium Tours and how they can be improved. MR suggested Forum members should go on a tour and feedback to the Club.

ACTION: CP to arrange stadium tour for Forum members.