Meeting Report - April 2014

by Daniel Alston



Fans' Forum Meeting

The Brian Labone Lounge 



Thursday 24 April 2014




Fans' Forum - Tony Bott (TB) Kathy Keig (KK) Dorothy Carlin (DC) Jason Howard (JH) Robert Eagleton (RJE) Ruth Eardley (RE) Mike Rice (MXR) Nick Mernock (NM) Paul Gabbutt (PG) Amy Wilson (AW) Antonia Harrison (AH)


Club representatives - Mark Rowan (MR) Richard Kenyon (RK) Dave Biggar (DB) Christine Prior (CP) Helen Mayo (HM) Mike Needham (MN)




Fans' Forum -  Martin Malone, Andrew Collier


Club representatives - Robert Elstone





Review of March action points - TB


ACTION: Fans' Forum to send themed matchday suggestions to CP.

RESPONSE: Suggestions have been received, collated and submitted to the Memorable Matchday team.


ACTION: Fans' Forum to consider future fan projects they can participate in.

RESPONSE: Suggestions have been sent to CP and will be reviewed and discussed at future meetings.


ACTION: Forum survey feedback to be sent to CP by Friday 18 April.

RESPONSE: Meeting held with Forum members and MR. Item on agenda for further discussion.


ACTION: DB to investigate if Season Ticket vouchers can be used online and at Everton Two.

RESPONSE: The voucher offerings will be offered and redeemable in Everton Two. Unfortunately, as a direct result of security implications, the Club is unable to offer voucher discounts online.


ACTION: Club to investigate the advertising of E-cigarettes in the Fan Zone.

Response: SkyCig advertising is currently in operation on the LED in the Fan Zone.However, due to complaints and given that the area is a family-focused destination, advertisements have been removed. The Club will continue to monitor the governmental review of promoting e-cigarettes and will act in accordance with any subsequent change in policy, but in the interim, will continue ‘as is'.


ACTION: Forum members asked DB to query if a cash machine could be installed at Goodison Park.

RESPONSE: The Club has agreed with Barclays to install an ATM adjacent to turnstiles 1 & 2 on Goodison Road. Barclays applied for planning permission for the installation but shortly afterwards, notice was received from Liverpool City Council that BT had submitted two planning applications to convert the payphones at the junction of Goodison Road and Spellow Lane into an ATM, and also the payphone at the junction of Goodison Road and Neston Street. This places two ATM's within 100 metres of where Barclays were looking to site one. Consequently, Barclays have been informed that we will not be proceeding with the installation next to turnstiles 1 and 2, with the proviso that if for some reason the BT proposal does not come to fruition we will revisit.





Presentation from Andy Drake (FanScapes) -DB


Andy Drake had been invited to the Forum by DB.


DB explained that he, along with MN, recently met with Andy to discuss a potential product to be made available in the Club stores.


Andy presented five different canvases displaying images from the history of the Club and asked the Forum for feedback.


Forum members stated they liked the concept of the canvases but felt the pricing would be the deciding factor of how successful sales are. They also suggested that further work could be carried out to improve the design.


MR queried the legal implications of copyright on some of the images used on the canvases.


Andy thanked the Forum for their feedback and will continue discussions with Kitbag.





Kitbag - MN


MN thanked the Forum members for their feedback on the product range for the 2014/15 season. All members had previously commented that

the 2014/15 product line is more comprehensive and improved.


MN informed the group that during close season, work will be carried out at Everton One to improve the appearance and layout of the store, and minor work will be undertaken at Everton Two. KK asked if more mirrors could be installed outside the changing rooms in Everton Two and MN stated Kitbag are looking to address this issue.


MN confirmed the 2014/15 kit will be launched in July 2014. DB stated that the Club will look to launch the kit earlier in 2015 but this year's date has been determined due to the 2013/14 contract with Nike.





Dixie's Wall of Fame Update - HM


HM presented the group with the communications plan and coverage generated to date on the Dixie Wall of Fame launch.


The group discussed plans for the unveiling and the VIP gathering in the Dixie Dean lounge after the launch.


All supporters who purchased Goodison Granites have received an email informing them about the launch event and Roberto Martinez, Denise Barrett-Baxendale, Sir Philip Carter, members of the Dean family and Graeme Sharp are all confirmed to attend.





Fans' Forum Review - MR


Since the previous meeting, members have met with MR to discuss the Fans' Forum review survey. The group felt certain areas of the questionnaire needed to be amended to make sure it is clear that the review is a joint project.


MR has taken this feedback on board and made the necessary amendments. MR reiterated that it has always been the Club's intention to review the Forum and the objective is to give all Evertonians the chance to voice their opinions on how the Fans' Forum should operate. Results from the survey will form part of the review that will be presented to the Senior Executive Team.


Forum members agreed that they are now happy with the changes and the survey can be made available to the wider fan base.





Safe Standing - KK


KK asked for the Club's view on introducing safe standing into Goodison Park. MR confirmed that the Club has no formal position at this time but will continue to monitor developments.





Premier League Survey Results - CP


CP informed members of results from the recent Premier League Survey. Overall the results are extremely positive with Everton in first place for stewarding, policing, ease of purchasing match tickets and ticket prices for concessions. Everton improved in all other categories aside from cleanliness and sightlines, which remained the same as the previous season.


ACTION: Forum members to consider what the Club can implement to ensure the Club improves in the cleanliness category.





Remembrance memorials - TB


Following the Club's announcement to erect a permanent tribute for the Hillsborough disaster, TB queried if a tribute or plaque for other football-related tragedies would be considered.


Both Club and Forum members suggested that this could be added to any additional locations identified for Goodison Granites around Goodison Park.







1.1  Liverpool away fixture

MR reported that the Club has been informed that the safety report following the Liverpool fixture is currently with the city council for review. MR will update the Forum when more details become available.


1.2  Away Fans' Initiative

KK queried the Club's plans for the 2014/15 Away Fan Initiative and questioned whether the Club continue to commit to this scheme. MR stated that the Club will continue the Away Fans' Initiative and an internal review will take place over the coming weeks to discuss benefits for supporters visiting Goodison Park and Evertonians on the road.


1.3  Season Ticket sales

DB updated members on 2014/15 Season Ticket sales. All categories have seen an uplift in sales and there has been an impressive 20% increase in renewals compared to 2013/14. 


1.4  Next meeting

The Forum and Club agreed the May meeting should be moved to June as the Club will then have the results of the Fans' Forum review Survey.