Meeting Report - April 2013

by Daniel Alston

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:



6 - 8pm


Tony Bott, Kathy Keig, Brian Scorgie, Amy Wilson, Alan Rawlinson, Ruth Eardley, Dorothy Carlin, Martin Malone, Phil O'Rourke, Paul Gabbutt, Christine Prior, Mark Rowan, Paul Tyrrell, Dave Biggar, Tom Woolley, Carena Duffy.












1. Actions from March meeting.


1.1 ACTION: Forum members to send any requests for scratchcards to CP

RESPONSE: CP sent details via email to Forum members.

1.2 ACTION: CP to add Kitbag to the agenda for the April forum meeting

RESPONSE: Will be discussed in agenda item 3.








2. Buy a Brick


PT presented the group with the personalised stadium plaque that the Club are hoping to make available for fans to purchase in the 2013/14 season. PT shared a document outlining the process and asked Forum members to gather feedback from their network of supporters. The group discussed prices of the plaques and possible locations around the stadium. 


ACTION: Forum members to send all feedback to CP.


PT will update the group at the next forum and discuss combining the scheme with the repositioning of the Dixie Dean statue.






3. Branding/Merchandise update


DB updated the group on the new Club branding for the 2013/14 season. The Club brought the forum into the process in October when the new crest was in early stages of development. The forum members have been involved in the planning and development of the project providing feedback at several forum meetings. TB confirmed the members understand the desire for change and how updating the brand can benefit the Club moving forward. The group also discussed concerns of not including Nil Satis Nisi Optimum on the official crest; DB reassured members that whilst not being included in the new Crest the motto will still remain the philosophy of the Club and will have a significant visual presence at Goodison Park in the 2013/14 season.


DB presented merchandise from the 2013/14 product range. The items included key rings, iPad/iPhone covers, flags and lunchboxes. Forum members provided feedback on the range of merchandise.


The Club are yet to confirm if a Ladies kit will be included in the 2013/14 range so RE suggested as an alternative that women who wish to purchase a children's kit can have the sponsor printed on the front. DB confirmed he will investigate this alternative.



4.Everton in the Community update


TW updated the group on Everton in the Community's 25th anniversary campaign. Everton in the Community has launched their Ambassador scheme which targets the corporate fan base and local businesses.


PO gave feedback on the ‘We're Everton Aren't We' cycle challenge. The group of 18 supporters completed the 243 mile bike ride from the Stadium of Light to Goodison Park over a four-day period and have raised approximately £20,000 to date. This will be shared between the Everton Former Players' Foundation and Everton in the Community.


Everton in the Community were represented at Aintree racecourse on ‘Liverpool Day'. The group raised £10,000 from scratchcard sales alone. KK gave positive feedback on scratchcard sellers but suggested that they should stay in an area for a longer period so that buyers can collect their winnings, if applicable.


TW confirmed the fundraising total currently stands at £400,000.



5. Football Supporters' Federation


The Forum members and Club representatives discussed the Football Supporters' Federation's ‘Tickets for Twenty' campaign. Forum members expressed interest in becoming affiliated with the Football Supporters' Federation so that they have the option to support campaigns they feel may benefit the fan base.


PT stated that the Club is willing to consider any initiatives that encourage fans to travel to away fixtures and also to visit Goodison Park to watch Everton. He added that ideas have to be practical and must benefit both home and away supporters.


Club officials give Fans' Forum members their support on affiliating with the Football Supporters' Federation.


ACTION: TB/KK to give members and Club an update on affiliation at the next forum meeting.





6. Junior Fans' Forum


MR discussed the Club's intention to set up a Junior Fans' Forum to enhance engagement with younger supporters. The Forum will provide an opportunity for the club to gain valuable feedback from the junior fan base and discuss issues that matter to them.


The Forum offered feedback on the recruitment process. AL suggested that the meetings should be held in the school half-term making it easier for members to attend.


ACTION: Club to engage young supporters' and set up a forum. 



7.Connected Stadium


MR discussed the process of the Club developing a WiFi system for supporters to connect to on a matchday. By developing a connected stadium the Club can also use the WiFi system to offer additional content to supporters via their mobile phones including purchasing of tickets, placing bets and replays of the match action. It will also allow supporters to gain access to social media.


ACTION: Forum members to ask their groups for feedback on the following points and report back to CP:

What service would supporters' want?

What services they would want to transact on?

What would supporters' engage with?



8. Pre-season update


JL asked for an update on the Club's pre-season plans.


DB confirmed that the Club is waiting to finalise and should be at a stage to communicate details within the next two weeks. Depending on the location the Club will look into a travel package for supporters.



9.2013/14 Season Tickets


DB updated the Forum on the progress of 2013/14 Season Ticket sales. At the end of the Early Bird deadline, Season Ticket sales surpassed the previous season's ‘same day' total at approximately 20,000. The Club has seen an increase in all age categories. There has also been an increase in the number of ‘new' Season Tickets purchased.




10. AOB


1.1                                                                                                    Table-top exercise feedback


TB & JL attended the Club's table-top exercise at Goodison Park with Stadium Safety Officer, Dave Lewis. The exercise presents stewards with a number of scenarios that they could encounter in the stadium on a matchday. TB & JL offered positive feedback on how the Club is ensuring action has been taken to improve the matchday experience for all supporters.


1.2                                                                                                    Lounge memberships prices


CP distributed prices for 2013/14 lounge memberships.


ACTION: Forum members to send feedback to CP


1.3                                                                                                    Mystery Shopper Fulham


CP distributed Mystery Shopper packs to the Forum for completion at the Fulham fixture.