Meeting Report - April 2012

by Matthew Gamble

Meeting Title:

Fans' Forum

Meeting Venue:

Brian Labone

Meeting Date:

Thursday 26th April 2012


Tony Bott

Fans' Forum Attendees:

Dave Biggar, Dave Lewis, Mark Rowan, Paul Tyrell, Carena Duffy, Kathy Keig, Daniel Connolly, Ton Doherty, Paul Gabbott, Sandra Hughes, Ian McDougall, Phil O'Rourke, Alan Rawlinson, Brian Scorgie, Amy Wilson

Fans' Forum Apologies:

Robert Elstone, Matt Kendall, Liz Forster, James Lyon.







1.     Review of actions points

Ø  Information will be released on May, 8. Blue seat day will take place on May 26-27.

Ø  It was agreed an article will be put in the Newcastle programme to highlight the Forum's objectives and to aid new recruitment. This will also include an overview of the positive outcomes, achievements and decisions that the Fans' Forum have made in co-operation with the Club. The Club are happy to promote the success of the Fans' Forum across all media avenues, including social networking sites and unofficial websites. However, they are not keen to promote months in advance.

Ø  The Club has a responsibility to enhance its services and communication, including via mobile phone apps.  The Club would like feedback from fans on its services and where communication could be improved.

Ø PPV coverage of pre-season friendly matches on evertontv will be subject to the location of the games and kick-off times. Details are yet to be confirmed but fans will be informed ASAP. The financial implications of providing such a service will be taken into consideration before a final decision on coverage is made.

Ø  The Club will undertake ground updates and improvements during the close season as they see fit and subject to budgets. They are also speaking with relevant parties on improving the footprint around the stadium. Audio-visual improvements will take place. The Club would like the fans to feedback ideas ASAP.

Ø  It was agreed that forum members will have up to a three-year tenure period. Four members are to leave annually, with eight to stay. This system will aid the continuity and quality of the Forum. This is subject to increased recruitment and an overhaul of the selection process.

Ø  It was agreed a system will be introduced where relevant feedback will be reported to away clubs via an Everton Football Club representative.  This will be introduced for next season.

Ø  The forum will present a gift/token to the manager.  This will take place at Finch Farm on Friday May 4.

Ø  Following a question raised regarding roles and responsibilities of senior managers, the Club confirmed it has an on-going strategy to demonstrate and communicate its achievements and effectiveness at all levels of the management structure. This is done through various channels, including the official website and the matchday programme.





Fans' Forum to offer information so the Club can advertise accordingly.





Fans' Forum to offer feedback on such services.





Fans' Forum to offer feedback ASAP.









The Club to introduce a template for reporting feedback.



2.     Fans Views on Reporting Matters During Events and Fan Expectations

The Club wish to deliver more services to help supporters report issues on matchdays.  Currently a text service is active for supporters to report such incidents. The Club is also looking at additional services subject to budget. Stadium Safety Officer Dave Lewis gave an insight into security ideas and how fan information is utilised.



Text service will be advertised clearly so supporters are aware this is active.


3.     Fan Engagement Activities

The Club is committed to running events as part of the fan engagement/ownership and participation strategy. The forum discussed ideas such as open training session/fans conference/quizzes. The Club is open to further ideas.


Fans' Forum to advise the Club on what activities/events they would be interested in developing.

4.     Mystery Shopper Results

Results have not yet been finalised. A further exercise will be undertaken at the Stoke game. Results will be confirmed as soon as possible as well as an evaluation of the season's activities.



DB to announce results in due course.

5.     Review of Ticket Sales for Semi-Final

The online system received excellent feedback from fans but there was criticism in connection with the distribution process. The online system held up well and met with demands placed on it.



The Club will look at the system on how to prioritise STH eligibility/criteria.



6.     Liverpool Fan's Thank You

Liverpool Supporters' Club expressed sincere thanks to Everton supporters for their conduct during the period of silence at the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley.





7.     Update of Early Bird Sales / Season Ticket Plans

The Club confirmed there was a significant year-on-year increase on Season Ticket sales during the Early Bird window. Positive comments were received from fans on the ‘Stand Together' campaign. Approximately 1,000 Under-11s tickets at £95 have been sold so far. Incentives have been well received.





8.     Pre-Season Arrangements

At this time there is no confirmed information regarding pre-season arrangements. The Club will respond in due course.


Club to release information as details are released.


9.     Feedback from the Club on Incentive Purchase Scheme

The Club has a master document with facts/details on all scopes/areas. Details are currently being evaluated. Facts will be released in the next 12 months and reviews will take place.


The Club will release this information in due course.


10.   Eavesway / Thomas Cook Transport for Next Season

The Club is waiting for quotes from relative providers and no further information is available at this time.





11.  Fans Feedback on Concourse Facilities

Please see action points above.




12.  Loyalty Events Details

The Club are looking at various concepts to reward individuals for loyalty.

An event will take place for all 191 supporters who have attended every home and away game. Date and venue will be confirmed after May 14.


MR to announce information

13.  AOB

Ø  Ticket Touting - The Club will monitor identified areas and take action accordingly.

Ø  7.45pm Kick-Off Times - A request was made for the Club to consider moving evening kick-off times from 8pm to 7.45pm. A decision will be made once the Club have received feedback from police and broadcasters.





Ø  No meetings will take place in May and June due to close season.

Ø  Next meeting July.