Meeting Report - October 2016



Everton Fans’ Forum




Joe Mercer Lounge, Goodison Park


Forum Members – Nick Mernock (NM), Robert Eagleton (REA), Ruth Eardley (RE), Lisa Vaughan (LV), Peter Dodd (PDO), Bill Carter (BC), Jason Howard (JH), Annemharie Harper (AH), Jeanette Salmon (JS), Lewis Owen (LO), Steve Jones (SJ), Gary Evans (GE), Kevin Smith (KS),

Club Members – Mo Magazachi (MM), Christine Prior (CP), Rachel Meikle (RM), Richard Kenyon (RK), Scott McLeod (SMc), Matt Roche (MR), Gill Derbyshire (GD). Phil Duffy (PD),



Jason Howard (JH), Gary Evans (GE), Bill Carr (BC)


Eitc Update 

NM welcomed Phil Duffy (PD) Executive Director of Everton in the Community to the meeting. PD thanked the group for the invite and expressed an interest to attend regular meetings with the Forum to update them on the work of EitC.

PD gave the group an overview of his career history and informed the members of his new role and what it means for EitC. In previous roles Phil has overseen the evolution of the Everton Free School. Phil spoke to the group about the vision set out for EitC and his passion for the charity.

PD further updated the group on the progress with the new Community Hub building that is due to be open by the end of November. Phil explained to the Forum that the building will house all EitC staff that are scattered across various buildings and will be the venue that hosts programs such as pass on the memories. PD invited the Forum members on a tour of the new premises and invited the group to host their own meetings and events at the Hub.

PD spoke about the range of facilities at the Community Hub and the group spoke about matchday activities and the opportunity to open a Club café.

PD confirmed that EitC have also recently been granted permission to take over the St Francis De Sales building that is located on Walton Road. PD gave a brief overview of the potential plans for the building that will benefit the participants of the charity but also the local community. The Forum praised the work of EitC and staff associated with the projects.


Club Values

RK held a Club values session with the group at a previous meeting and gave the group an update on progress with the document.

RK presented the draft document to the group and asked Forum members for their feedback. The draft report was shaped as a result of the feedback from the sessions with forum members, the Junior Fans’ Forum, Community participants, Club Staff and other supporter groups. 

The group discussed the report and if they felt the content was a true reflection on the ethos of the Club. LO suggested an amend to an image used on the final version the group felt that the content of the document was all relevant.



NM updated the group on the number of applicants, and the group talked through the next steps in the recruitment timeline. The group discussed the online voting process and will shortlist applicants in a separate meeting being held that week.


Kit Motif

Scott McLeod (SMc) presented a selection of designs for a possible Kit Motif to be used on the 2017/18 home shirt. The designs were mocked up using feedback from supporter suggestions as a part of an online campaign.  SMc informed the group that over 200 ideas were received as a part of the campaign and the designed presented were based on the common themes from supporter suggestions.

The group discussed their thoughts and made recommendations on amends to some of the designs to make them more appealing to the wider fan base.

RK informed the group that there is a sign off process with other stakeholders including the Premier League and kit partners Umbro for final approval.


Fan Zone

Gill Derbyshire (GD) attended the meeting to gather feedback on the matchday Fan Zone from the group.

Forum members suggested various improvements at the previous meeting and GD asked for their input to take back to the matchday team. The Forum suggested ideas for on stage entertainment and themed matchday activity, the group also commented that there were too many catering trucks in the Fan Zone area.

GD explained to the group that there are ongoing discussions between the Clubs matchday team and Sodexo over an improved Fan Zone layout and the group are exploring various options around logistical issues and the limited space available in the Park End car park. GD informed the group that new matchday screens will be installed for both ends of the Fan Zone and new toilet facilities are being installed.  

The group discussed that activities in the hub are very family friendly and a lot of families enjoy attending before a game. SMc informed the group that both numbers in the Hub and FanZone have increased significantly this season.

The group later discussed directional signage to the Fan Zone and happy to help stewards around the stadium to improve supporter experience.  


Criteria for televised games

Steve Jones (SJ) queried how much involvement the club have with the selection of televised fixtures.  SJ researched the number of fixtures moved for Everton and compared this to other Clubs in the Premier League.

RK explained that the club has little or no involvements in the selection process. Other stakeholders such as the police are consulted and some fixtures are moved due to police advice and safety of supporters.

SJ also asked about the possibility of further advice and updates over certain away fixtures to be looked at more in depth for fans. The group feel traveling to a new or changed stadium could possibly course issues or confusion for our traveling fans.

Action: GD and RM to hold discussions with DL regarding supporter safety messaging ahead of away fixtures at new stadiums.


Christmas activity

CP updated the group on the Clubs plans for Blue Crimbo 2016.

CP stated that this year’s plan will reward Evertonians, local organisations and showcase the work of Everton in the Community.

Members of the Forum stated they were happy to volunteer to support this year’s activities.


Away credits

The group discussed access to away match credits and various options for supporters who are struggling to earn away credits.

In previous meetings the group have discussed implementing ballots using a small number of tickets which the Forum members were against. RK confirmed no changes to the away credit system will be made during the 2016/17 season.   

The group discussed the number of opportunities supporters have had to gain away credits, over 14 opportunities were available for supporters to gain away credits.

The group began to discuss the different benefits associated with Season Tickets. RK read out the list of benefits and the members gave feedback on if they were aware of the benefits or if they would use them.


The Everton app

Scott McLeod spoke to the group about using loyalty rewarded and the functionality on the new app. 

Action: CP to circulate information to members of the group on loyalty rewarded and how to access and test the new app.



RE informed the group of the latest topics of discussion from the Fans’ Forum twitter account  

  • New Stadium

RK informed the group that the Club are continuing to progress and when the club are in the position to share news they will do across Club channels.

  • Stub Hub

The group discussed the average prices of tickets being sold on StubHub.

Action: GD to circulate figures to the Fans’ Forum.  

  • Safe standing

RK informed the group that the Clubs position on Safe Standing is unchanged and it is something that the club are not considering at this moment in time.


Meeting with the chairman

RK updated the group over a few dates that have been proposed by around the meeting with the Chairman.

The group discussed the proposed dates, with the possibility of meeting before an away fixture based in London.

December Meeting

CP proposed the groups December Fans’ Forum meeting takes place on Thursday 22 December.