What is the Everton Fans’ Forum?

The Fans’ Forum is a body consisting of supporters working alongside senior Club officials which meets monthly to provide honest and candid feedback on a host of issues and topics that are important to the wider fan base.

The Forum has taken the lead on a number of Club projects recently, including improving the match day experience; ticketing; branding and signage around the stadium; devising and delivering fan events; providing feedback for the ‘Away Fan Initiative’ and making improvements and contributions to the match day programme.

Who makes up the Fans’ Forum?

There are currently 16 Fans’ Forum places occupied by Everton supporters; each representing a cross-section of the Club's diverse fan base. 

Below is a list of the representatives of the Fans’ Forum:


Bill Carr

Peter Dodd

Robert Eagleton

Ruth Eardley

Gary Evans

Annemharie Harper

Steve Jones

Nick Mernock (Chair)

Lewis Owen

Jeanette Salmon

Kevin Smith

Lisa Vaughan

Mark Cartman
Louis Reed Foster
Tom Moore
Ian Ball 

Staff members from various club departments are also invited and are encouraged to attend meetings which are relevant to them.

Previous attendees at Fans’ Forum meetings have included CEO, Robert Elstone, Club partners, independent supporter organisations and Club Ambassadors. 

How are Fans’ Forum members chosen?

Evertonians are invited to apply to become members of the club’s official Fans’ Forum each year in the autumn.  Following the call for new members, the group reviews the applications before putting together a shortlist for interview.  Following the interview process prospective members are selected to participate in an independent election process. Votes are cast by anyone who has an Everton customer number.  The confidential election is adjudicated by an independent party separate from the Club. 

How long can each member stay on the Forum?

Supporters serve a three year term on the Forum.  The three year term on the Forum ensures continuity as well as giving members time to work on longer term initiatives across the various project groups.  At the end of their tenure a member can reapply to become a member in the same way as any other fan.  The Forum will vote for a Chair and Vice Chair on an annual basis in the Autumn.  The maximum tenure of both posts is 3 years. 

Vacant positions are advertised on the club's website and social media channels in the autumn.

Can Forum members be replaced before their tenure is up?

To ensure the integrity of the Fans’ Forum, the Forum, in conjunction with the club, can choose to reallocate a place if a Forum member is not adequately fulfilling his/her responsibilities as outlined in the Fans’ Forum Pledges Document.

To ensure continuity, members can be replaced if they miss three successive meetings without appropriate reason.  Any replacement member will retain their place only for the remainder of that representative's original tenure.

Any member who is in breach of ground regulations or who is ejected or banned from any stadium will also be automatically replaced.

What are the Project Groups?

A number of Project Groups have been established which allow members of the Fans’ Forum to work closely with Club staff on a number of initiatives and ensures that the views of Fans’ are taken into account.

Current Fans’ Forum Project Groups currently include:

  • Stadium Branding
  • Match day Programme
  • Matchday Events
  • Fan Events
  • Communications Group

What won't the Forum do?

The Forum will not be used for discussing first team-related matters such as tactics, transfers, player contracts or the direct financing of the club.  While the Forum will be polled on fan engagement issues, the club will also seek wider supporter consultation on major issues and changes by using the Online Fans’ Panel.

How do Fans raise agenda points, share ideas or give feedback?

Fans can contact the Forum by clicking here and either raise an issue, ask a question or provide feedback by selecting the member of the Forum who best represents their circumstances or requirements. The Fans’ Forum has a Twitter feed that regularly asks followers for items for the monthly agenda.  

All responses are direct from individual Fans’ Forum members, in some cases responses will have required consultation with the club from various departments i.e. ticketing, media and communications, hospitality etc. As a result, responses are the views of individual Forum members and do not necessarily reflect the views of Everton Football Club.

How do Fans find out the results of questions for the Forum?

If immediate action is required, the Forum or the club will contact the supporter directly and will provide a response to the query / enquiry.  Questions raised by Fans that have been answered will be referred to in the minutes of each meeting.  The minutes of each Forum meeting will be accessible within two weeks of each meeting here.