Fans Forum Vote Result Announced

Thank you to all supporters who participated in the Fans’ Forum vote for 2018. There was a record number of votes and after the election officially closed on Wednesday evening, we are now pleased to announce that the eight applicants who polled the highest share of the recent vote have now been elected to the Forum on a three-year term.

Your newly elected Fans’ Forum members are Gary Evans, Lisa Vaughan, Nick Mernock and Robert Eagleton who have been re-elected, along with newcomers Annmarie Flynn, Kieran Riley, Mike Thomas and Steve Ely.
Stepping down from the Forum after completing three-year spells are Bill Carr, Steve Jones, Kevin Smith and Peter Dodd.

To find out more about the Forum, visit or follow them on Twitter @EFC_FansForum
To learn more about your new representatives, check out the biographies below. 

Annmarie Flynn

Born blue, raised blue in a family of blues. Massive Blue Nose!

I’m a season ticket holder and go away whenever I can. I’m passionate about our team, ambitious for our club and proud of everything we do in the community. 

This is my first time applying for the Fans’ Forum. Why now? Because we’re on the verge of our next phase of greatness. Bramley Moore, great young squad, money to invest.  It’s more important than ever that fans’ voices are heard. 

I’m no diamond but I am a Toffee from Wavertree so one out, one in, please vote for me!

Gary Evans

I’m proud to have been a member of the Forum for the last 3 years as the group has made a real difference in several ways including ticket prices, improvements to the fabric of Goodison Park, changes to the Fanzone and other elements of the matchday experience.  I am keen to remain on the Fans’ Forum as supporters have a crucial part to play in the plans for a new stadium at Bramley Moore and it is essential that the Forum feeds those ideas directly to the club so that our new Home is one we love from day one.

Kieran Riley

I am 21 years old and this season I bought my first season ticket. Coming from a family of 20+ Liverpudlians, I am proud to say that me and my dad are the only Evertonians. However, I do believe that there is still a lot to be done in enhancing the connection between our fans and the club. I am a recent University graduate of Media & Communication, with Marketing. With this, I intend to implement my knowledge, as I represent the fans, looking to increase their involvement within the club, therefore helping them create memories to treasure.

Lisa Vaughan

I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 30 years and I attend home and away matches with my family and friends.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of the last 3 years as a Fans’ Forum member, particularly the community events with local children and volunteering on the Foodbank.  In particular, it’s a great feeling knowing that we’ve left a permanent mark inside and outside Goodison via the image branding.  As a primary teacher in a Liverpool School, I’ve developed a School Supporters’ Club and hope to continue to be involved in a variety of projects that benefit Evertonians. 

Mike Thomas

I’m a 22-year-old season ticket holder of 13 years in the Park End and get to away games whenever possible. I’ve applied to be part of the Forum to try to ensure that all fans are able to put suggestions forward in terms of what gets discussed at meetings. Massive decisions regarding the imminent ground move and the legacy of Goodison Park will shape the club for decades to come. Due to this, its crucially important that all fans are represented by the Forum and that the club accepts being nothing but the best in all areas.

Nick Mernock

I am a season ticket holder with my son in the Paddock, and have been attending home and away since my first game which was a League Cup tie against Tranmere Rovers in 1968. I am very lucky to have been Chair of the Fans' Forum for the last three years, working with a number of dedicated Evertonians to reach out to our fan base and represent their views and opinions to the Football Club. Some key achievements have been the pricing of both match day and season tickets to ensure Everton remains affordable for all supporters who wish to attend a live match.

Robert Eagleton

I was born into the Everton family growing up a stone’s throw from Goodison.

Currently I watch and cheer from my seat in Park End.

I am a volunteer photographer with EITC and privileged to see the great work done by dedicated people who have a true passion for our community.

I am also fortunate to take photographs for the club, lately at Tim Cahill corner meeting blues from across the globe.

I am seeking re-election as there are projects I would like to complete and to contribute to the most exciting one yet the move to our new home.

Steve Ely

I am a 55-year-old a season ticket holder in the Upper Bullens.

I want to join the Fans’ Forum so I can take the fans views on the match day experience plus any other issues to the club direct. We as Evertonians can be proud of the fantastic fan base that we have and I want to help you to have your say. I want to help promote the good name of Everton and I want to help make this a welcoming club for all fans to have a great match day experience. If you give me your vote I will give you back 110% of effort to try to achieve this. Onwards Evertonians.


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