Fans Forum Recruitment Process Blog

As you may have heard, the Everton Fans’ Forum is inviting applications from fans to join the Forum in 2018. The application process is comprised of three stages: a written application via the club website, an interview with Fans Forum members, and finally an election process.

I applied for the Forum on a whim last year. I had been paying attention to the activities of the Forum for some time and decided to put in an application. Writing the application for this is a challenging but rewarding process. It’s important to clearly and concisely explain not only why you want to join the Forum, but how you may contribute to and strengthen its activities. This includes explaining your interaction with and relationship to the fanbase: you might contribute to the running of a supporters club, or represent particular fan groups from the fanbase, which gives you a unique insight into the perspecives of certain parts of the fanbase.

Highlighting your personal strengths and skill is another key feature of applications. Don’t be shy about highlighting accomplishments or activities from your working life that might relate to the Forum’s activities – you might have experience of running meetings or organising events that would be applicable. The important thing is to highlight your strengths and attributes, helping you stand out from the crowd, and to link these to the current concerns and priorities that affect Everton and its supporters. Reading the minutes of previous Fans' Forum meetings can help you to understand the current issues being discussed with the Club and may give you ideas as to how you can link your personal qualities to the work of the Forum.

The current Fans' Forum is a broad church, covering a broad spectrum of ages, occupations, and gender. As highlighted in the FAQs, the club and Forum members are keen that it represents a broad variety and range of supporter views, perspectives and experiences, This includes underrepresented groups: LGBTQ supporters and those with disabilities. If you feel you can make an important representation of these groups, make this clear in your application.

Being part of the Fans' Forum is a rewarding experience. In the last year, Forum members have organised a number of fundraising events for several charities, manned food banks, supported club communication over the proposed new stadium, represented Everton supporters at a range of events, contributed to the pricing and payment plans of season tickets, including the 12 month direct debit option, and asked questions of and sought clarification from Everton officials on a number of issues related to ticketing, away fan experience, and merchandise. Moving forward, the Forum wish to extend its range and diversity of activities, and Everton welcome ideas and applications from enthusiastic fans who can work with the club to continually improve and strengthen the Everton supporter experience.

To apply, simply fill in the application form below, explaining why you would make a suitable candidate. Applicants are asked to ensure they have read and understood the FAQs prior to submitting their application.

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The closing date for applications is Monday 4 December at 6pm and all applications are greatly appreciated. Candidates do not need a customer number to apply.