Direct Debit Scheme Blog

Nick Mernock1

I’ve been Chair of the Fans’ Forum for three years now and every year the Club has consulted us on our thoughts and ideas on the campaign and pricing for Season Tickets.

A lot of the Season Ticket suggestions and ideas that were discussed at our monthly meetings have been brought to life. Last season we were delighted to see the introduction of the Young Adult 22-24 category, making it possible for young adults to take a tiered step towards a full price Adult Season Ticket. In addition, there was the introduction of the 11 and 12-month Direct Debit options, allowing fans to spread their Season Ticket payments even further. This season, the Club has made it even easier for supporters to renew by Direct Debit - and not just for the 2018/19 season but for the future as well, thanks to an auto-renewal scheme. For so many supporters, coming to Goodison has been a key part of our lives. We’ve had our Season Tickets for years and coming to the game with our family and/or friends is part of our lifestyle – it represents who we are. Following the introduction of the popular 12-month Direct Debit scheme last season, the Club has now made it even easier for us to renew our Season Tickets in the future with the opportunity to auto-renew.

This time next year, the Club will contact Season Ticket Members already paying by Direct Debit advising us that our Season Tickets will automatically be renewed, allowing us to guarantee our seat for the next season unless we choose to opt-out. Being able to spread payments over 12 months and benefiting from an auto-renewal means that we’ll be paying for our Season Tickets like we pay for some of the other lifestyle products in our life. It’ll be similar to how we might use a gym membership or TV subscription as part of a 12-month contract, with payments coming out at the same time every month and auto-renewal at the end of the term, unless you choose to opt-out. I know a lot of fans have asked for something like this previously and I know a couple of other clubs are operating something similar, which has proved popular. The Club has also made renewing your Season Ticket by Direct Debit this year even easier. For 2018/19, all credit agreements can now be signed online, simplifying a process that previously had to be done in person or by post.

Fans can still renew their Season Tickets by Direct Debit by visiting the Park End Box Office or Everton Two in Liverpool One, calling the Everton Fan Centre on 0151 556 1878 or by post using the renewal form that should be landing as part of our application packs, from 15 January. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the 12-month Direct Debit scheme will need to ensure they renew by 31 January.

Finally, I’d like to commend the Club on their continued commitment to making the game affordable for loyal supporters. In the podcast I did with Robert Elstone back in the summer, he reaffirmed his commitment to making the game affordable and the recent announcement of a freezing of our prices, at a time when we are achieving full houses for every home Premier League game, is welcome news to all Evertonians.

We’ve had 15 home wins in the calendar year of 2017. Any improvement on that home form in 2018 will make for an exciting year!

Nick Mernock