Fans Forum Terms Of Reference

The Everton Fans' Forum is one of the initiatives designed to help bring fans closer to the Club.

The Forum meets monthly to provide honest and candid feedback on a host of issues and topics that are important to supporters.

The representative group are able to air their views to members of Everton's executive management team and other staff from the Club's various departments and Club partners.

The Fans’ Forum has evolved since it was originally founded, the Club and the Forum have worked together to review the way the Fans’ Forum was set and how it works. It was decided to undertake an online and face-to-face survey with fans to understand the perception of the Forum from the wider fanbase and to discover new ideas on ways to move the Forum forward.

Part of this feedback included how fans thought members of the Forum should be voted on by other fans. As a result of this feedback, a process was undertaken to recruit new members.

Following an application process, interviews and ultimately a fans’ vote, overseen by an independent body – in 2014 this was carried out by Electoral Reform Services, six new members were appointed to join the Forum when four other members came to the end of their term in January 2015.

Following this review and vote process, it is clear the Club needs to work with the Forum to ensure all fans have a greater understanding of what the Forum is, how it can help and how to get involved.

Ensuring this happens is one of the Club’s commitments to the Forum for the coming year and beyond.

The Club and the Forum will continually review all processes related to the Forum to ensure it is working well and achieving its objectives for fans.

If you have a question or suggestion for the Forum members, complete the form here.