Training In The Off-Season

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The off-season is a fantastic opportunity for our players to rest and recover.

For the first couple of weeks, we encourage the boys to take rest and recovery from strenuous exercise. This allows the body to settle down and regenerate from an intense football season. During the third week, the focus will be to improve your son’s strength; players will receive an exercise plan that can be completed with or without gym access. Four weeks prior to return to training, boys will begin gradually with long, low intensity sessions. Each week, planned intensity and duration of training intensifies and your son’s fitness will increase. This will reduce injury risk and enable him to attain peak fitness for the start of the season.

If your son is returning as an U14, U15, U16 or U18 player, they will all have an exit meeting with a Strength & Conditioning coach to discuss their off-season programme and to outline individual aims for during the off-season.

For players returning as U12s or U13s, we highly recommend that they take rest and recovery break of up to two weeks to promote physical growth. This time also gives players an important break from coach-led sessions, and gives the opportunity for some self-guided training. As an example, some sports we would recommend are tennis, basketball, badminton, rock climbing and swimming. 


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