Replay Analysis

Replay Analysis is a visual feedback tool which is used with all age groups at the Academy. Replay enables players to evaluate their progress towards individual learning objectives (ILOs), as it houses video clips that players can use to review and reflect on their performance. Each week coaches will lead a Replay Analysis session with their players in the computer suite at Finch Farm.

As parents, you can support this reflection process through discussion: ask your child what they have focused on in their playlist this week; sit together and watch the playlist your child has complied in the Replay Analysis session. It is important that these conversations are led by your child as it gives them the opportunity to develop an awareness of their own game.

Mark Moran, Academy Performance Analyst, has created this Quick-Start Guide to Replay Analysis which we hope will give you an understanding of how to navigate the website and an insight into the reflection processes that your child follows in the Replay session each week.

The answers to some FAQs can be found below:

  • Why would my child be tagged in a video?

Tagged video clips allow players and coaches to review individual on-pitch performance. The tagged clips enable players to quickly access moments in a game that relate to their ILO targets.

  • How does my child decide which clips to save in their playlist?

Clips that do not directly link to an ILO can be taken out of a playlist. Nonetheless, if your child has shown exceptional skill in a game (e.g. a 1v1 tackle, scored a goal, executed a great dribble), saving such clips in their playlist can be a fantastic way to share their achievement with coaches and peers.

  • What type of comments should my child be making when watching a full game?

The comments your child makes will reflect their tactical understanding of a game. Players are encouraged to comment when they identify one of the Themes of the Week (e.g. playing out from the back, playing though the midfield) If your child observes something of note in a game, either from a team or a personal perspective, then their comments are welcomed.

  • Who does my child share their playlist with and why?

Primarily playlists are shared with the player’s age group coach and any other members of the coaching staff they are working with. However, our holistic approach to developing players through our Academy means that we encourage them to share their successes, not only with their coaches, but also the wider Academy team: sport scientists; analysts; mentors.