'Pit Stop' And 'Grab and Grow'

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At Everton Academy, we are continually evaluating our practice to ensure we provide the best for our players, both on and off the field.

Over the off-season, new kitchen facilities have been fitted and we have strengthened our catering team, employing two new Executive Performance Chefs - Carl Engleman and Tom Kenton. Carl and Tom have been working closely with our Performance Nutrition team to provide nutritious and delicious food that will support growth, improve health, optimise training adaptation and promote recovery.

After a review of last season’s food and nutrition provision, this season, the food the players receive at the Academy will differ in its format. Instead of one single meal, as we have previously provided, we will now be providing two smaller meals: a ‘pit-stop’, which will be eaten upon arrival, and a ‘grab and grow’, which will be provided once training has finished. 

These feeds will incorporate suitable amounts of carbohydrates to provide energy, protein to promote muscle growth and recovery, and fats, vitamins and minerals to support health. 

‘Pit Stop’
Players will receive the ‘pit-stop’ in their respective teams changing room before training. The idea is that the ‘pit stop’ is a light feed which will not affect the boys’ ability to train. An example of a pit stop would be a fruit-based smoothie and a homemade flapjack. 

‘Grab and Grow’
The ‘grab and grow’ will be available for the players to collect in the canteen after training before they leave USM Finch Farm*. An example of a ‘grab and grow’ would be a pasta pot or a chicken wrap and a flavoured milk. The Performance Nutrition team will be working closely with the Chefs on a regular basis to advance and develop the menus, this will ensure variation in what is provided to the players over the course of the season.

*N.B. it is the players’ responsibility to collect their own food from the canteen after training.


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