Thoughts From The Goal...

This month, our Academy Goalkeeping Coaching Department share their thoughts on the benefits of building effective relationships between goalkeepers within the Academy.

Back in January, out First Team Goalkeeping Coach Patrick Lodewijks shared his thoughts on how competition between the senior goalkeepers is proving to be a motivating factor in their current levels of performance. Academy Goalkeeping Coach, Joe Peterson, explains how Patrick’s comments are equally as relevant in the Academy setting.

“You have to show the team, the coach and myself that you want to be the best every day” – Patrick Lodewijks

Joe explains that just as Patrick highlights the need to be intrinsically motivated to succeed at First Team level, the goalkeepers in the Academy also need to strive to be the best to ensure their continuous development. Yet the key to success is not just about developing as an individual:

“It is also important to be good colleagues, which they are. As I said on my first day here, I want competition but I also demand you are good colleagues […] We need each other and we need to stick together.” – Patrick Lodewijks

U18 Goalkeeping Coach, Kev O’Brien, highlights that although it is not always feasible, the ideal scenario is for there to be two goalkeepers in every age group. This enables the goalkeepers to develop a relationship of peer support and learning; it allows goalkeepers to push each other to increase their capabilities. In some age groups where there may only be one goalkeeper, players at Everton Academy are able to train with older or younger age groups. This is an important part of player development, as it mirrors the pathway to the First Team, and, as such, is vital in preparing the boys for the challenges that lie ahead. By encouraging solidarity our goalkeepers can provide each other with crucial support during the peaks and troughs of their Academy journey.

You can read the full interview with Patrick Lodewijks here.