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Consulting The Fans

From the very outset of the process our in-house team talked to fans.

The pre-design phase – the ‘doing our homework’ phase – involved talking to Evertonians about our Crest, its significance, its meaning and the importance of the individual components within the Crest. This meant that we started our design phase with strong opinions on expectations for the new design.

Our in-house creative team took this feedback and produced initial concepts for internal review. These were tested, refined and re-designed to produce a first draft to present to the Club’s Fans’ Forum.

The Forum - representing a wide spectrum of Evertonians, including Season Ticket holders, Supporters’ Club officials, corporate members, shareholders and fans from the Everton Disabled Supporters Association - gave honest and candid feedback and suggested changes which, where appropriate, were integrated.

Fans’ Forum chairman, Tony Bott, said: “To see the changes that we suggested integrated really did show to us that the Club listened and took our ideas on board. As a representative body for the fans, the Fans’ Forum was there to put its view over for the wider fan-base.

"The Club listened and passed on our feedback before returning with amended versions."


Some of the changes instigated by the Fans' Forum included narrowing the badge, amending colouring and extending the height of the ‘Everton Tower’ – the famous Liverpool landmark on Everton Brow.

Mr Bott added: “I think the new Crest will be accepted by Evertonians. It may take a bit of time for people to become familiar with it but it is very much Everton. It still retains the things we hold dear.”

Representatives from the Club’s extensive network of Supporters’ Clubs were also consulted, with their views being fed back into the design process.

Ken Sweeney, chairman of the Mid-Cheshire Supporters’ Club, said: “It meant a lot to be entrusted to see the badge and to see how it was evolving.

“It’s the tenth version of the badge. Everton has always been a world leader and we have always done things first. We are moving forward, not moving backwards.

“To me, the Tower is everything, the Tower is Everton. It represents Everton Football Club; that is so important to Evertonians. Every badge has had the Tower on except when it was just ‘EFC’.”



Everton’s corporate members, the Everton Disabled Supporters Association and the Heritage Society have also been included in the consultation process.

Chief Executive, Robert Elstone, said: "It was hugely important that representatives of our fan-base shaped this entire process. They were there at the outset, we sought feedback on our ideas and we acted upon them."

Commercial Director, Dave Biggar, added: “We listened to the various groups who then came back and said: ‘Can you do this with the badge? Can you do this with the shield? Can you change the colour slightly?’

“We put all of that together, listened to views and concerns and we think this is an evolution which delivers on all levels.”

As well as the Everton fan-base, key commercial partners such as Kitbag and Nike were also consulted. Both organisations have huge knowledge and experience of sports branding and their input was invaluable.

Club officials also sought guidance from within the design industry and from wider staff members within the football club itself.

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