Everton Awarded Prestigious Volunteering Recognition

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Everton Football Club has become the first football club to receive the prestigious Investors in Volunteers (IIV) accreditation for its community volunteer programme delivered by Everton in the Community (EitC).

The accreditation is the UK quality standard for all organisations which involve volunteers in their work and ensures the charity’s volunteer management structure is adhering to best practice.

The accreditation will help EitC demonstrate the effectiveness of its work with its loyal and committed team of volunteers, enabling the charity to show its current volunteers – and potential volunteers – how much they are valued. The recognition will also give them confidence in EitC’s ability to provide an outstanding volunteer experience.

As part of the assessment process, EitC’s volunteer programme was marked against each of the nine indicators and 46 practices detailed within the IIV standard.

These indicators and practices assessed how the programme manages the entire volunteer programme. This encompassed initial recruitment to volunteer processes and policies, as well as volunteer retention, support and recognition.

EitC has more than 200 active volunteers who fulfil a number of diverse, essential roles for the charity and commit many hours in giving back to their local community. Without their selfless efforts, EitC wouldn’t be able to have the impact it does.

EitC Volunteer Manager Adam Howard said: “Volunteers are a huge part of our charity and, without them, we wouldn’t be in the fantastic position we are today. We are delighted to receive this prestigious award which recognises our ongoing commitment to volunteer improvement.

“Through achieving this award we have further enhanced our volunteer programme, including improving our policies and processes. We have recently introduced an exciting new Evertonised recognition scheme which is exclusive to our volunteer programme.

"We hope that more members of our local community decide to volunteer with Everton in the Community and we can build on the solid foundations that we currently have in place.”

For more information on volunteering with EitC visit evertonfc.com/volunteer.

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