EitC VIP Visit Onboard Navy Carrier

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Everton in the Community Executive Director Phil Duffy was recently invited onboard the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales for a special VIP visit to discuss ways in which the Club’s official charity could collaborate with the Royal Navy.

Senior officers from the Royal Navy visited EitC last month, along with the High Sheriff, to find out more about the charity' work and see first-hand the life-changing impact it has on the city of Liverpool.

EitC Executive Director Phil was then invited by the delegation to visit the aircraft carrier for an exclusive tour led by Captain Ian Groom MBE, the first Captain appointed to HMS Prince of Wales, the second of the UK’s new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers. Weighing in at an impressive 65,000 tonnes, the flight deck of the aircraft carrier is 70 metres wide and 280 metres long – enough space for three football pitches.

During his VIP visit to HMS Prince of Wales, Phil and Captain Groom had the chance to talk about the two organisations' shared common interest in serving their communities, especially in Liverpool, and this resulted in both EitC and the Royal Navy looking to forge a strong partnership based on the shared values and ethics that underpin the charity, Everton Football Club, and the Royal Navy and HMS Prince of Wales.

Speaking after his visit onboard HMS Prince of Wales, Phil said: “It is clear that the values that underpin Everton in the Community are aligned closely with those of the Royal Navy and vice versa. Authenticity, determination, ambition and family mirror those of HMS Prince of Wales which met Captain Groom’s desire to tie in with our ground-breaking work.

“I welcome the potential of such a partnership, especially as the ship is affiliated to Liverpool, and will play an Ambassadorial role worldwide representing all that is great about our city and the work of our charity.”

Captain Groom added: “It was a real pleasure to welcome Phil Duffy onboard our aircraft carrier.  The Royal Navy and Everton in the Community have many values in common, such as teamwork, loyalty, integrity and commitment. HMS Prince of Wales is proud to be affiliated to the city of Liverpool and we look forward to strengthening our bond with Everton in the Community in the future."

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