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Anti Dog-Fouling Campaign Launched

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Everton Football Club has called on the artistic prowess of a number of Gwladys Street School children to produce a number of posters for an anti-dog fouling campaign, which will be run in partnership with Pets at Home and Liverpool City Council.

Dog litter, and the failure of owners to pick it up, is frequently complained about by local residents to Everton’s Neighbourhood manager Sarah Atherton. Following a regeneration meeting, which saw Sarah feed the complaints into attendees, local councillors backed a campaign which will see a number of posters produced that will promote the anti-dog fouling message.

Cue a number of enthusiastic Gwladys Street School children, who couldn’t wait to get involved with the campaign, as Sarah explains:

“When I pitched the idea to the children, they were really keen to get involved in this. Dog litter, and the failure to pick it up, is a huge and troublesome issue for local residents which is something these children will witness first-hand living around Goodison Park and the surrounding area.

“Walking to school they will encounter dog mess, which is not only unpleasant, but, in the most severe of cases, can cause blindness and other health issues. We came up with a fun way to get them involved in reducing dog litter where they will design posters, with the winning design fronting our campaign, which will be displayed all over the local area.

“With support from Pets at Home and Liverpool City Council, who will fund the production of the posters, it gives Everton a great chance to educate the next generation into looking after your pets for the benefit of not only the animal, but also for those that live in your area.”     

The winning designer will also receive a current squad-signed Everton shirt. Students had until the middle of April to submit their design with Sarah and a Club Ambassador shortly due to announce the winner in the school. An added bonus will also see the winning student, and their class, being invited along to a Pets at Home store for a workshop.

The campaign itself has been trialled before in the Broadgreen area with Liverpool City Council reporting a 40% reduction in fouling within that borough. 

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